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Located on field level, just inside the Home Plate Gate, the Lexus Diamond Club provides guests with a spectacular view of the field. A popular choice for more upscale events, the Lexus Diamond Club offers an expansive dining room, bar and dance area. With the added patio space and club seats, the Lexus Diamond Club is ideal for weddings and receptions, live and silent auctions and birthday and holiday parties.

SEATING: 189 inside (standard baseball set); 122 outside

Rounds on carpet: 24 tables, 240 chairs
Rounds including slate: 33 tables, 330 chairs
Long tables: 20 tables, 200 chairs
U-shaped outside seating: 18 tables, 30 chairs
U-shaped out/inside seating: 18 tables, 44 chairs

Rearrangement of seating may decrease seating capacity due to special needs.