What Does The Halo Way Mean?

#TheHaloWay (noun): The passion, values and customs associated with Angels Baseball that affect all aspects of the lives of fans and players; A typical pattern of behavior when Angels Baseball is life.

#TheHaloWay signifies a common pride shared by our fans and our players that extends far beyond the diamond. Those raised on The Ryan Express, trips to Wally World and the '02 Championship Team have adopted #TheHaloWay of life - Win or lose, we remain devoted.

When you live #TheHaloWay, you don't just experience an incredible Mike Trout Catch or helmet nachos. You experience the common thread that brings us together as a family, a love of the game that is passed down generation to generation.

When you believe in #TheHaloWay, in life as in baseball, you are rooted in tradition, you are compassionate, you put your team first and you are committed to competing with honesty, respect and a desire to win, whether you are on or off the field.

Baseball is more than just a game. It's a way of life.