SunTrust Park Transportation - About the Project

The Braves and their partners have invested time and resources into developing a comprehensive approach to transportation.

Working in concert with multiple partners in the public and private sector, the Braves have been engaged in a comprehensive process to evaluate, study, plan, design and implement various public infrastructure improvements to better serve SunTrust Park, The Battery Atlanta and the Cumberland area. The process began during the initial site selection and has evolved into an extensive network of transportation improvements.

Understanding the Process

The ultimate determination to select our current site was fueled by a rigorous evaluation of the many benefits the location offered, including:

  • A location surrounded by high-capacity arterials
  • A site adjacent to high-capacity Interstate system
  • A managed lanes project already designed and funded to add capacity to the area
  • The existence of 14 primary access points around the site integrated with an extensive roadway grid system
  • An abundance of existing parking infrastructure within walking distance
  • A location in a thriving, growing high-density commercial area

Once the site was identified, it was essential to collaborate and engage with our many partners. This group featured industry-leading experts in transportation and parking management and included the Georgia Department of Transportation, Cobb County DOT, the Cumberland CID, the cities of Sandy Springs, Smyrna and Marietta, CobbLinc, the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, MARTA and various public safety and law enforcement agencies.

In addition, we have collaborated extensively with Kimley-Horn and Associates, one of the leading engineering firms in the country, and Grant Thomas, a transportation advisor to the International Olympic Committee. We also assembled a Fan Advisory Board, bringing our fans into the process to hear from them, learning and understanding what their concerns were and what vision they had for SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta.

Informed by these relationships and guided by our process, we have taken a data-driven approach to putting together a comprehensive approach to transportation that will best serve our fans while also minimizing the possible impact on the region. A complete list of the studies and analysis either conducted or reviewed throughout this process can be found here, but a few pivotal ones that lit our way included:

From this process, several new investments are underway to best serve Cumberland, reinforcing the extensive list of projects previously planned and funded prior to the announcement to build SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta:

  • New street grid within the project to promote connectivity from SunTrust Park to the surrounding high capacity roadway network
  • 12 foot wide multi-use trails and extended sidewalks
  • Three pedestrian bridges to separate and protect pedestrians from vehicles
  • Increased intersection capacity at multiple locations
  • Creation of a free-flow exit ramp from I-285 West onto Circle 75
  • Incorporating City of Smyrna's Spring Road intersections into Cobb DOT's adaptive signal system to promote coordination between traffic signals
  • Creation of a free-flow exit ramp from I-285 West and I-75 onto Circle 75

The Cumberland area is one of the fastest growing in the state of Georgia.

$4 Billion



To effectively manage the traffic flow associated with this growth, plans and funding were already in place for most of the projects underway in the area. In addition, the Braves and their partners have collaborated to add new lanes, renovate interchanges and build new roads. Additionally, innovative technology will help commuters pick the best route to their destination.

In the coming months leading to Opening Day, the Braves will be providing updates on a variety of areas dealing with the fan's experience in traveling to the ballpark, including:

Phase I (Q3, 2016) - A comprehensive overview around the broad concepts of the ongoing transportation investments in the Cumberland area with a focus on key developments and the process behind the approach.

Phase II (Q1, 2017) - Updates on the various transportation investments in Cumberland with additional details released on parking locations, the integration of technology into the fan travel experience and routing plans for gameday.

Phase III (Q2, 2017) - The official rollout of several key fan travel experiences, including single-game parking sales, the assignment of parking spaces and the launch of the one-stop app for ticket purchase, parking selection and navigation support.

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