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Season Ticket Holder News
Dear Braves Season Ticket Holder,
Your Atlanta Braves remain at the forefront of ticket technology in Major League Baseball. With our new account manager upgrade from a few weeks back, we will be able to offer online ticket exchanges, as well as mobile phone ticket delivery in the near future.
We are excited to announce that the Braves Online Account Manager now offers a ticket exchange option. When you choose a game date, you will see that one of the available actions is "exchange seats." Below are a few things to keep in mind regarding online exchanges.
  • Game tickets and parking passes can be exchanged
  • Your exchange must be for the same number of tickets (for example, if you are turning in 4 tickets you must choose 4 tickets to replace them)
  • You will have access to seating areas that are offered for your plan
  • If you exchange for tickets that have a higher value*, you will be required to provide payment at the time of the exchange
  • If you exchange for tickets that have a lower value*, you will receive a credit in your Braves account which must be used by the end of the 2013 regular season
  • Your new tickets will have the Season Ticket Holder 33% concessions discount
  • If you have a 755 Club Membership, your new tickets will have club access
  • If you have $10 Added Value on your tickets, you will have Added Value on the new tickets
  • ALL ONLINE EXCHANGES will have FanPass digital ticket delivery. You will need to assign the new tickets to a credit card for FanPass digital entry or print the tickets from home
  • Online exchanges will be available until 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of each game
  • Once you receive a confirmation email for your exchange, please destroy the original tickets so that they are not accidentally distributed. These are no longer valid tickets
*The value of the new tickets may be higher or lower due to a change in the game tier (Marquee, Premier, etc) and/or seating area. For pricing on exchanges, please refer to
Never leave your tickets at home with mobile delivery! Another helpful tool coming in your Atlanta Braves account manager will be mobile ticket delivery for Android and iOS iPhone users. Season Ticket Holders will be able to assign their ticket barcodes directly to their smartphones for entry to the gates of Turner Field.
If you have any questions about this information, please feel free to contact me.
Atlanta Braves Client Service Team
Paul Adams
Melissa Farmer
Christine Godby
BJ Mitchell
Richard Thornton
Andrew Walters
Always Brave
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You are receiving this message in connection with your 2013 Atlanta Braves season tickets account.
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