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Catch on the Field

Sorry, tickets for this Braves event are no longer available.
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Mets vs. Braves

SEPTEMBER 13, 2015 AT 1:35 PM

Here is your opportunity to explore Turner Field from the players' perspective and play catch in the Backyard of Braves Country.

Create a one of a kind memory by playing catch on the field where your Atlanta Braves play!

Following the game, participants will meet at the Hank Aaron room, located near aisle 1265-128 to access the field. Participants will be required to bring their own equipment & sign a waiver prior to going on the field.

  • Two dugout seats to the September 13 game against the New York Mets with $20 in added value
  • A 20-minute "catch" session in the outfield (post-game)
  • One Parking Pass

Additional tickets for the game will be $82.

For questions, please contact Justin Johnson at 404-614-1444 or