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1. When does the experience start, and where do I report?
a. Guests participating in the Batting Practice experience should report to the Museum Gate (On the northwest corner of Turner Field) three (3) hours prior to first pitch. The Museum Gate is adjacent to the west end of the Turner Field Ticket windows.

2. How long do I get to watch Batting Practice (BP) and from where?
a. Guests that have purchased The Braves BP Experience will be escorted to a gated area behind home plate. Guests on average will see Braves batting practice from 45-60 minutes and visiting team batting practice from 15-30 minutes.

3. Do you offer this experience for all games, regardless of day or night?
a. The Atlanta Braves will not be offering this experience during day games. Please see the batting practice experience schedule for availability.

4. Can I purchase this experience on gameday?
a. Yes. Please contact your Braves ticket representative for more details

5. How old does a child have to be to need a ticket for this experience?
a. In accordance with our ticketing policy, children 3 and over will need a ticket to this experience.

6. Do children need to be accompanied by an adult?
a. All guests under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by at least one paying adult.

7. Can my family watch me watch batting practice?
a. Due to the exclusiveness of this experience, fans participating are given access to certain areas of the ballpark that may be restricted areas. Family members will not be given this access until the general public has access (if applicable.) Only guests who purchased this experience will be given access to the field.

8. Can you accommodate fans/guests with disabilities?
a. Of course. Please make our staff aware of your needs when you arrive at Fan Central.

9. What happens if there is inclement weather and batting practice doesn't take place?
a. If batting practice does not take place due to inclement weather, you will be given an opportunity to exchange that "pass" for a future experience. If inclement weather occurs after this experience has begun and 30 minutes or more have elapsed, an exchange will not be offered. No refunds will be given. Fans will not receive refunds if the Braves or visiting team choose not to participate in batting practice due to weather.

10. Do I need a game ticket to participate in this experience?
a. Every guest will need both a game ticket and a batting practice experience ticket to participate.

11. Can I request autographs while in this area?
a. Unfortunately, no. During this time, players are preparing for that night's game. We ask all experience participants to refrain from requesting autographs.

12. Can I take pictures while in this area?
a. Of course. Please feel free to take pictures while enjoying this experience.

13. Will SunTrust Club Members and guests have access to this area?
a. Yes. SunTrust Club members and guests will be offered complimentary access to this experience.

14. Will I be able to see the entire Braves batting practice?
a. During an average experience, guests will see around 45-60 minutes of Braves batting practice.

15. If I'm a visiting fan of the visiting team, how much of their batting practice will I see?
a. On average during the allotted time, guests will see between 15-30 minutes of visiting team batting practice. Fans of the visiting team will not receive refunds if their team chooses not to participate in batting practice.

16. Can I exchange my "pass" with other members of my family and friends during the experience so then they can experience it?
a. "Passes" are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Passes are only good for one person per pass per visit.

17. Do Braves A-List Members and group purchasers get a special offer for this experience?
a. Yes. Please contact your Braves ticket representative for more details.

18. Other Items of Note:
a. No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed within the Batting Practice Experience area.