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Major League Baseball Careers

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I learn about job opportunities with a Club?

    You may visit the 'Job Opportunities' link located at the bottom of each Club homepage or click here to view all Club job opportunities.

  2. Does Baseball accept resumes from third parties, i.e. staffing agencies?

    As a matter of practice, unsolicited resumes from third party vendors will not be accepted.

  3. I have applied for a position with Baseball and was not selected to interview. May I apply for other positions?

    Yes, you can apply for other positions. Note that once you have created your initial career profile, you can always update or make changes to it. Your resume and profile will be then searchable by the recruitment staff for future openings.

  4. If I do not apply for a specific position, how long will my application be kept on file? Will I be considered for other openings?

    Your profile will be kept active indefinitely; however, you should update or modify it to reflect any changes in your education, work experience or career interests.

  5. How will I be notified if I am not selected to interview for a job that I applied for?

    Due to the considerable number of applications that Baseball receives in response to open positions, we are unable to contact every candidate who applies for a position beyond a standard email acknowledgement. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted by a member of the recruitment staff.

  6. Can I call to follow-up on a resume that was submitted?

    We respectfully ask that candidates refrain from contacting the recruitment staff to inquire about the status of their resume. Information about the status of a job or a specific resume will not be provided.

  7. Does Baseball offer a formal internship program?

    Yes, and the Office of the Commissioner both offer a formal paid summer internship program beginning in May and concluding by early- to mid-August. On a limited basis, a number of spring and fall internships are available. Note that housing is not available.

  8. What is the application deadline for the Summer Internship Program? What is required?

    The application deadline is March 1st. For consideration, you must have completed your sophomore year of college at a minimum, have an interest in working with a specific department within baseball, and apply online attaching your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should detail explicitly why you are interested in working for baseball and what you hope to accomplish.