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Chicago Cubs Charities
Diamond Project

Chicago Cubs Charities Diamond Project

A thriving community is a healthy community - one that offers youth the chance to play, supports the civic spirit of sportsmanship, and embraces elders as coaches, mentors and allies. Local athletic fields make it happen.

The goal of the Chicago Cubs Charities Diamond Project is to expand opportunities for children to play baseball, create or preserve green space in underserved neighborhoods and to foster a love of baseball. Through the Diamond Project, Chicago Cubs Charities provides funds to non-profit, neighborhood-based organizations to support capital improvement projects that improve the quality, safety and accessibility of local baseball fields or indoor training facilities with the technical assistance of Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Chicago.

Chicago Cubs Charities Diamond Project grant resources fall into the following categories:

  • Field Surface Grants: to help finance the resurfacing of baseball fields.
  • Indoor Training Amenities: to equip gymnasiums or facilities with amenities that will allow for indoor play and baseball skills training during the off-season.
  • General Field/Stadium Support: for capital projects not associated with the actual field.

Information on applying for funding from Chicago Cubs Charities Diamond Project will be available shortly.

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