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Cubs Scholars

Cubs Scholars


The Cubs Scholars Program launched in 2013 with an inaugural class of five scholars. The program aims to offer quality scholarship and financial contributions for Chicago inner-city high school students, coupled with a program designed to promote academic achievement and encourage post-secondary educational advancement.

The Cubs Scholars Program rewards both individual students and the non-profit organizations which support their development. It provides college scholarships to high achievers and grants to the nonprofit programs which nominate and support them.

Each of the five Cubs Scholars will receive a four-year college scholarship of $5,000 per year upon their enrollment in a four-year college or university. In addition, the Cubs Scholars will participate in Cubs College Prep throughout their senior year of high school and into college. Cubs College Prep partners each Cubs Scholar with a Cubs Front Office Associate mentor who will work with them through their senior year and in the transition to college. This program of mentoring, leadership and continued support will offer an educational, motivational and social experience with events like career days with Cubs Associates, corporate partner career seminars and tours, motivational seminars with Cubs alumni and executives and social events such as Cubs games and on-field recognition ceremonies. Cubs Scholars will also participate in a Cubs community volunteer project.

In addition to Cubs College Prep, Chicago Cubs Charities will sponsor each of the five Cubs Scholars in a one-year college preparation program offered by Chicago Scholars, an established mentoring program serving inner-city children. Students in the Chicago Scholars program have a 95% college graduation rate. The program includes seminars, workshops and mentoring designed to prepare each student for college success. Importantly, Chicago Scholars tracks students and offers established curriculum for measuring success and keeping students on track towards college graduation. Cubs Scholars will continue participating in Chicago Scholars' program throughout their four years of college to maximize their chances for college graduation.

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