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With the country in the middle of the Cold War, the Cubs as a team are in the middle of a frigid decade. After experiencing success for the majority of their existence, the Cubs finish the 50s without a postseason appearance, the first decade of a drought that would last until 1984. Individual team members found success of their own. In 1952, outfielder Hank Sauer wins the NL Most Valuable Player award after he hit a major league leading 37 home runs and 121 RBI. In 1955, Sam Jones becomes the first Cubs pitcher to throw a no-hitter in nearly 40 seasons, blanking Pittsburgh 4-0 on May 12 at Wrigley Field. And in 1959 Ernie Banks becomes the first National Leaguer to win the MVP trophy in back-to-back seasons. The previous year he hit .313, 47 homers and 129 RBI, while '59 saw him go .304 with 45 home runs and a major-league leading 143 RBI.

1951  - April 17, 1951: Prior to Cubs' home-opening 8-3 win vs. Cincinnati, Sam Snead becomes the first swinger ever to hit the centerfield scoreboard-albeit with a golf ball.
1952  - April 20, 1952: NL office orders centerfield hitter's background at Wrigley Field off-limits to fans, and it remains so with exception of 1962 All-Star Game.
1953  - September 20, 1953: Ernie Banks slugs first career home run in 11-6 loss to St. Louis.
1955  - May 12, 1955: Sam Jones closes out 4-0 no-hitter by walking bases loaded before fanning final three Pirates batters.
1957  - May 26, 1957: Rookie Dick Drott strikes out 15 Braves-including famed slugger Hank Aaron three times-in 7-5 win.
1958  - August 20, 1958: Cubs run out of catchers in eventual 4-2 loss to Pirates, and first baseman Dale Long becomes major's first left-handed receiver since 1905.
1959  - June 30, 1959: Infamous "two balls in play" game: Cardinal Stan Musial draws walk on wild pitch and attempts to advance an extra base as Cubs third baseman Alvin Dark (original ball) and pitcher Bob Anderson (umpire-issued new ball) both fire balls toward second base in St. Louis' eventual 4-1 win.
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