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Reds Community Fund
Reds Youth Baseball Funding

Reviving Baseball in Innder Cities (RBI)

Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) will be entering its 27th year of play in 2016. From its inception in 1989 through the 2015 season, RBI has grown from a local program for boys in South Central Los Angeles to an international campaign encompassing more than 200 cities and as many as 200,000 male and female participants a year. In 2010 Jr. RBI was launched, designed to create new playing divisions that provide baseball and softball opportunities for children ages 5-12 that also serve as a feeder to the current RBI 13-18 baseball and softball divisions.

During 2015, the Reds Community Fund supported Spring and Summer RBI leagues, featuring a total of 20 baseball and softball teams ranging in age from 9-18. The Cincinnati RBI program has teams participating in the Jr. RBI (9-12), Senior RBI, and girls RBI softball divisions.

For more information on the RBI program, please contact Jerome Wright at jwright@reds or (513) 765-5000.

Reds Youth Baseball Funding

The Reds Youth Baseball Funding program enters its thirteenth year in 2017. This initiative is a funding mechanism for underserved youth baseball and softball organizations. The program is inspired by local inner-city coaches who help keep baseball and softball vibrant in urban neighborhoods while striving to be positive role models.

The Reds Community Fund began this initiative in 2005 by funding five Knothole baseball organizations. In 2016 the Reds Community Fund expanded the program to reach more than 60 organizations while financially assisting more than 800 teams.

In order to qualify for funding, organizations must submit a grant application and receive a formal invitation to participate. In order to remain eligible for the program, each organization must complete a minimum of three community-based activities. Grant dollars can be used by the teams to assist with uniforms and equipment expenses, along with field fees, league fees and trophies.

As part of its baseball-themed outreach, the Reds Community Fund offers field renovation and youth baseball funding grants. In order to be eligible, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Operate in "Reds Country" (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana)
  • Serve the community by affording youth the opportunity to play baseball or softball
  • Must be able to show proof of financial need

The Reds Community Fund grant cycle adheres to the following timeline:

  • This year's cycle was due December 31, 2016 with decisions communicated by January 31, 2017

All applications will be reviewed at the end of the grant cycle. At that time, your organization will be notified of your initial status. Incomplete applications will not be considered. If your application is approved for further evaluation, you will be contacted by a Reds Community Fund representative to schedule an informational meeting. Applications that are received late will not be accepted. Each organization must apply every year to be considered for assistance.

For more information, please contact Gabrielle Pape at (513) 765-5001 or

Match Program

The Match program is designed to bring youth baseball teams from the suburbs and the inner city together in the spirit of diversity, interaction and friendly competition. The program has expanded to include 14 organizations, which will continue to make this one of the most meaningful programs the Reds Community Fund supports.

This year's "match" partners include:

  • American Legion
  • Anderson Township LL
  • Cincinnati Diamonds
  • Covedale Athletics
  • Friars Club
  • Harrison Junior Baseball
  • Kenton County Knothole
  • Lockland Knothole
  • Loveland Youth Baseball Organization
  • Madisonville Braves
  • Norwood Knothole
  • Six Men Tigers
  • West End Reds
  • Wyoming Knothole

Each Match organization will participate in a home-and-home series, in which teams blend and play and, along with their families, mingle and cookout. The program culminates in a field trip to Great American Ball Park in September.

For more information on the "Match" program, contact Gabrielle Pape at (513) 765-5001 or