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Mr. Red

Mr. Red
Mr. Red
Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Get to know Mr. Red!

Mr. Red

Height: 47 baseballs (stacked one on top another)

Weight: ?? (He can't see the numbers on the scale when he stands on top of it!)

Physical Aspects: Huge Baseball Head, Complete Reds Uniform, Signature Brand Shoes (Air Mr. Red's)

Favorite Reds Moment: There are just too many to have a favorite!!! But he loves to talk about our 1990 Championship, Johnny Bench Night, the Big Red Machine and this year's team!! (Talking about 4,192 will bring him tears of joy!)

Favorite Foods: Chili, Ribs, Hot Dogs, & Wooden Bats

Best Friends: All Reds' Fans & Gapper

Likes: Doubleheaders, New Ball Parks, Racing members of his family, and the Cincinnati Reds of course!!!

Dislikes: Rainouts, Blind Umpires, and Reds' Losses (they keep him up all night!)

Motto: "The key to a happy life is Reds baseball!"

Mr. Red's Retirement

Mr. Red, the Cincinnati Reds oldest and most beloved mascot, has been a big part of the Reds' organization since 1955! Mr. Red has truly been through it all-world championships, perfect games and major league strikes-to name a few!

Mr. Red has decided that it's time to hang his cap in the Reds Hall of Fame and retire as a Cincinnati Red. You are likely to catch a glimpse of this Running Man sunbathing, vacationing and coaching in Sarasota, Florida this year. Also, Mr. Red is certain that all the duties and responsibilities of the Reds mascots at Great American Ball Park will be handled well by Mr. Redlegs and Gapper.

Although he is retiring he hopes that the Cincinnati Reds fans will stay strong and root for the Reds in the upcoming 2008 season-which he's sure is going to be a championship year!

Mr. Red's Story

Mr. Red's story is deeply ingrained within the Cincinnati Reds organization. He has been in the dugouts for some major events within Reds history and is excited to be able to share his story with you.

For several years Mr. Red's face had been seen around the Cincinnati Reds on patches and jerseys, but Mr. Red preferred to remain mysterious in the depths of Crosley Field and then later in Riverfront Stadium. As the patches disappeared on the uniforms, Mr. Red felt like it was his time to be introduced to the crowd.

In the early 1980's Mr. Red came around to help cheer on the Cincinnati Reds with the crowds. For a short period of time Mr. Red reverted back to hiding out in the ClubhouseÂ…trying to cheer the Reds on to victory from backstage. In fact, some say his pep talk in the Clubhouse is what won the 1990 World Series!

This Running Man realized his power behind the scenes yet again and came back to visit the crowds in 1997. Mr. Red felt so loved by the fans in Cincinnati, that he couldn't possible think of being anywhere else but with them. Mr. Red has run in thousands of races and cheered the Reds on to many victories.

Reds Heads Kids Club

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