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Scoreboard Memories

Throwing out the first pitch
Being interviewed on the scoreboard

Reds Fans - Were you caught on camera? Fans that participate in selected pregame and in-game promotions at Great American Ball Park are able to purchase the footage shown on the videoboards for just $27. Once available, a downloadable link will be sent via email for you to share your special moment with family and friends. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery of your downloadable link(s). If you have questions, please contact the Promotional Events Department at (513) 765-7100 or

2015 Scoreboard Memories are still available.

Please note: The Reds do not record or sell game footage or footage of foul balls caught in the stands. Not all videoboard footage is recorded, so please be sure to ask a Promotional Events representative if your special moment will be available.

Pregame Options
(can choose one):
  • Pregame Parade
  • Kroger Fan Zone Concert Series
  • Special Ceremony – Please give description of ceremony
  • First Pitch – Please name pitcher and organization
  • Honor Guard/National Anthem
  • Game Ball Delivery
  • Captain of the Game
  • Reds Heads Run On
  • Play Ball Kid
  • Other

In-game Options
(can choose one):
  • Chick-fil-A Spot the Cow
  • Hometown Hero by Cincinnati Bell
  • Hollywood Casino Boogie Nights Dance Cam
  • Jeff Wyler Automotive Family Kiss Cam
  • Mean Green Guess the Player
  • PNC Pros vs. Joes
  • PNC Twitter Poll
  • Reds Heads Celebration
  • Skyline Chili Shuffle
  • Superior Dental Smile Cam
  • Skyline Chili Step Up to the Mic
  • Swiffer Clean Sweeper