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Weather Day

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do the busses drop off/park? Busses will be permitted to drop off on Joe Nuxhall Way starting at 9:00 am. Parking is in the Riverfront Transit Center and the cost is $20 cash payable at the entrance. Please enter the garage from Pete Rose Way.

When do gates open? The Crosley Terrace and Hall of Fame gates (both located on Joe Nuxhall Way) will open starting at 9:00 am for schools attending the Weather Day program. All other gates will open at 11:05 am.

What do we do about food/lunches? Fans are allowed to bring in food through the gates provided they are in soft sided containers and do not bring in any glass or cans. The Reds will be making exceptions for schools that wish to bring in large coolers containing lunches for an entire class. These containers must be brought in when you arrive for the game and you are responsible for them during the presentation. The Reds will not be able to store or cool any lunches. After your group has eaten you may pick up a pass to exit and re-enter the ballpark if you need to put your large cooler back on the bus. These passes are available only at the Fan Accommodations booth located behind section 119.

In addition, the Larosa's Pizza and $1.00 (Hot Dogs, Soda, Peanuts and Popcorn) stands will be open starting at 10:30 am.

When does the program start/finish? The program is scheduled to start promptly at 10:00 am and should finish at approximately 10:45 am. Your group can then proceed to the Fan Zone for lunch and to check out the interactive displays.

Where are we sitting for the presentation? All groups will be directed to the seating areas along the first base side of the ballpark, Sections 127-139. If your group arrives after the start of the presentation please be respectful of others and fill in the seats at the top of the sections. You will sit in your ticketed seat for the game.

Anything else we need to know? Please make sure all students have a ticket prior to going through the gates. A teacher or chaperone can stand with the ticket taker and count off students as they enter if you prefer not to give the tickets directly to the students. We have lots of staff on site to help. If you need us, just ask.