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Rockies Community Newsletter - July, 2013
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Rockies Youth Baseball Camp
Rockies Youth Baseball Camp
Rockies Youth Baseball Camp
The second-annual Colorado Rockies Youth Baseball Camp took place on July 23 and 24 at Coors Field. The two-day camp is a unique opportunity for young baseball players to improve their skills under the guidance of the Rockies coaching staff and on the same field as their Major League heroes.

After a group warm-up and stretching routine, players begin the first part of the camp: drills and station play. Stations included base running with Stu Cole, infield play with Tom Runnells and Vinny Castilla, hitting with Castilla and Jerry Weinstein and bunting with Runnells, as well as outfield play, pitching and catching. There were also stations that focused on situational baseball, again led by Rockies coaches and support staff.

And as part of the camp, players and their families were led on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Rockies clubhouse, pulling back the curtain on an area most fans never get to see.

After a short break for lunch and hydration, live games began, giving players a chance to put their skills into practice. The outfield at Coors Field was divided into several smaller baseball fields and teams battled it out for the camp crown. All the while, coaches kept an eye out for some of the standout performers and most improved players for potential awards at the conclusion of camp. For teams that had a bye, a home run derby competition was held, which was a favorite of the campers.

As if the experience of playing at Coors Field, learning the game from some of the best coaches in the world and experiencing the big league treatment wasn't enough, visits from actual from Rockies players made the experience even better for campers. Charlie Blackmon and Tyler Chatwood stopped by to talk with the campers, sharing personal experience and lessons about working hard and loving the game before answering questions from campers and their parents. After their Q&A, players shook hands with campers and signed autographs.

All the proceeds from the Colorado Rockies Youth Baseball Camp will go to the Colorado Rockies Charity Fund to help fund Denver Metro Area youth baseball, softball, physical education programs and much more.
Hit Count
The Rockies and ROOT SPORTS have partnered to launch HIT COUNT, a new charitable campaign.

Underway now, HIT COUNT is a great way for Rockies fans to follow and support their favorite players while donating to two great causes: Children's Hospital Colorado and Special Olympics Colorado. Here's how it works:
  1. Pick a player or players from the Rockies active roster.
  2. Commit to donate money for each of your selected player's hits from July 19 through the end of the 2013 regular season: $1 for a single, $2 for a double, $3 for a triple and $4 for a home run.
  3. Follow along in the second half of the season and cheer on your players as you track their hit count at
Every fan that backs a player will receive a button of their player(s) and be entered into a drawing to win other major prizes like autographed items and tickets to Opening Day 2014. Visit for more information and back a player today.

HIT COUNT Information
To kick off the second half of the Rockies' 20th Anniversary Season, the Rockies hosted ROXIVUS at Coors Field coming out of the All-Star Break, July 18-20, surrounding the series vs. the Cubs. A number of past players from Rockies history were invited back to Denver to star in the celebration, including Pedro Astacio, Shawn Chacon, Josh Fogg, Brian Fuentes, Andres Galarraga, Jason Jennings, Mike Lansing, Ben Petrick, Kevin Ritz and Terry Shumpert.

ROXIVUS began on Thursday, July 18, when the Rockies hosted fans at Coors Field for a Rockies Workout for Charity, including lots of fun activities on the Main Concourse. There was an autograph session with the past players, a photo area where fans could pose for a photo with the former players, half-price concessions, free interactive games for kids, a Q&A with the past players, the ROCK SOCIAL Studio that broadcast all kinds of unique social media content throughout the event and more. For highlights from the ROCK SOCIAL Studio, visit

Day 2 of ROXIVUS featured a special onfield ceremony before the game vs. the Cubs followed by another round of past player autograph sessions. And the Saturday grand finale of ROXIVUS featured a street party on 21st and Blake Street with live music, carnival games, food trucks, a beer garden and much more. Day 3 also gave fans one more chance at autographs.

The first ROXIVUS was a great celebration of Rockies history and the Rockies are looking forward to more ROXIVUS-es in the future!

Rock Social Studio
HotRox Deal
As the race heats up in the last couple months of the season, be part of the action at Coors Field! Hopefully you know by now that the Rockies ticket specials page is full of great deals at all hours of the day. Choose from outstanding $19.93 Rollback Ticket pricing, Green Packs, PowerTickets and more. Bookmark and check back often!

And as a Registered User of, hopefully you're aware of the weekly HOT ROX DEALS that are sent to your inbox every Wednesday-exclusive and unbeatable deals that always sell out within hours of going live. Be ready this Wednesday morning!

Ticket Specials
The July 31 trade deadline has come and gone, but even after the deadline, teams can still make trades. Trades after the deadline require a little more work than just a text message or phone call between General Managers (GMs) because after the deadline, all trades in August involve the waiver process. The following is an explanation of the process teams need to go through in order to trade a player in August, as well as a breakdown of how GMs manage the August waiver period.

Throughout the month of August, trade assignment waivers for each player must be sought and obtained in order for a team to trade that player. A club desiring waivers on a player notifies the commissioner's office by 2 p.m. ET on any day of the week. Once a waiver request is registered, it cannot be canceled.

Conveyor Belt - The easiest way to think of waivers is to imagine teams putting their players on a conveyor belt with the other teams standing along the side of the belt-in order of winning percentage and league-as the players go by. Teams can mark the player as someone they want, claim him, and then let him pass to the next team. The player is on the "conveyor belt" for a two-day time span. He may be claimed or he may go by every team in both leagues without being claimed (which is called "clearing waivers").

By League and Winning Percentage - If more than one team in the same league claims a player, the claim goes to the team with the lowest winning percentage. If the entire National League passes on a player, but the American League has a few claims, it again goes to the team with the lowest winning percentage. The winning percentages are based on the results of play through the date prior to the expiration of the claiming period. If a player is claimed, the club has 72 hours to decide whether it wants to let the claiming team have the player, pull him back or negotiate a trade for his services, but only with the team that claimed him and was first in the line. The first time a team puts a player on waivers, the assignment waiver request is revocable, which means if the player is claimed by another team or teams, the GM can take back the waiver request and keep the player. However, if the GM later puts a player back on waivers a second time during the same waiver period, they lose the right to revoke the player. If on the second time a player is placed on waivers and then claimed, that player is assigned to the other club with no questions asked.

No Claims? - If the player clears waivers, meaning no team claims the player as he goes by on the conveyor belt, the club is then free to trade the player without restriction for the remainder of the waiver period. Why? Because every team had a chance to claim the player but passed on the opportunity.

Strategy - All GMs have different strategies for how they handle August deals. Several teams will immediately put seven players on the list every day until all of their players are either claimed or cleared. Even the team's best players will be put on waivers sometimes just to judge interest from other teams-and that sometimes leads to a trade during the offseason. Some GMs put through only the players they want to trade and others do a variation of the two.

For the players that might actually be traded-and have a chance of getting claimed-GMs usually wait until later in August, when teams have a better chance of knowing where they are in the standings. If there is a particular team that matches up well, GMs watch the standings in case a team they think might block a trade passes the team in the standings the GM wants to make a trade with.

Dealing with One Team - If the GM has a particular team he wants to make a deal with, he lets them know when he is going to put a player through waivers and they put in a claim, hoping the player gets to them. If he doesn't, the GM simply can't make the trade with that team. That's why clubs try to take advantage of making deals by the July 31 deadline. The "cat and mouse game" is when a team with a lower winning percentage at the time does not want an opponent to have a certain player so they will put a claim on the player. However, claiming clubs have to be careful and be prepared to take the player and his salary if they put in a waiver claim.

Plenty of big-name players could be traded via waivers this August. If not a big name, there will still be plenty of deals next month. With the extra Wild Card this season, there are several teams that still have a chance at a playoff spot. Essentially 2:00 p.m. MDT on July 31 is not the final time and day for GMs to make a deal. It just takes being a little more creative with the waiver process.

Complete Trade Deadline Coverage
Rockies Wives
The annual Rockies Wives Grab Bags event took place on Friday, July 26, and Saturday, July 27, at Coors Field. Fans were encouraged to arrive early to purchase a $40 bag of "goodies" from their favorite players, each bag containing an autographed baseball and other items. Since the beginning of the Grab Bags program, Rockies wives have raised over $100,000 for local charities. This year, all of the proceeds went to Joshua Station and Make-A-Wish Colorado, helping to make a difference in the lives of children in the Denver Metro area.

Timi Aguilar
Timi Aguilar is a prominent public relations professional in Denver, and she is also an important public servant who lends her skills to the community in a variety of ways. She has played an integral role in coordinating town hall meetings and other important government communications, and when he was mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper appointed Aguilar to the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships. Aguilar has also served on the Denver Convention 2008 Business Outreach Committee, as well as the Castle Pines Chamber, Timber Trail Education Alliance, the Denver Hispanic Chamber, Public Relations Society of America, Latina Chamber, The Latina Initiative, El Centro Juan Diego and more.

With her impressive breadth of work, Aguilar has been recognized with the Anna Maria Arias Award given to ten U.S. businesses by LATINA Style Magazine and she is also a graduate of the "50 for Colorado" leadership program through the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder and a graduate of AT&T's Executive Leadership Program.

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