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Full Season Ticket Holders
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Buyer's Guide - Getting Started
The Rockies Ticket Marketplace is an online application that allows Rockies Full Season Ticket Holders to resell their tickets to fans interested in purchasing premium seats at Coors Field.

Purchasing tickets through Rockies Ticket Marketplace is similar to buying a ticket directly from the Rockies. All payments are made directly to the Rockies and tickets purchased through the Rockies Ticket Marketplace are sent directly to the buyer through the Ticket Marketplace. The hassle of exchanging tickets and money with the seller is eliminated. The Rockies Ticket Marketplace is available only through

How to Purchase:
  • Access the Rockies Ticket Marketplace. New Marketplace customers will need to register via the "Sign Me Up" link located under the login box.
  • View the listings for the game you are interested in.
  • Select the tickets you want.
  • When purchasing the tickets, you will have your choice of delivery options. If you choose Print at Home, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which will include a PDF with your tickets attached. All you will need to do is print them out, bring them to the stadium, and enjoy the game! (More on Rockies print at home »)

Frequently Asked Questions
 How do I search for available tickets?
In order to search for available tickets posted for sale on the Rockies Ticket Marketplace you can use the Filter Events tool located at the top of the Market View page. Simply select the opponent or game date of the event you are looking for. Your results will be displayed after you click the "Filter Events" button.

 How do I perform an Advanced Search?
In order to perform an Advanced Search, click on the "Refine Search" text on the Market View page. Next, select your search criteria from the displayed options. You will be able to look for available tickets based on opponent, month, day of week, time of day, location, number of items, and price. Feel free to search by any combination of the available criteria. Your results will be displayed on the Market View page after you click Filter Events.

 How do I buy tickets instantly?
Under "Market View" click Buy next to the appropriate game.
Use the Filter Events or the Refine Search tools to locate specific tickets to buy.
Next, you will review the tickets that are for sale. Go through the Event, Billing and Credit Card Information. Then click Submit to confirm the purchase. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to review the ticket buying fees.

 What are Seller Descriptions?
Ticket sellers may provide a text description of the tickets they are selling. Seller descriptions can be viewed from the Market View page by clicking on the plus (+) sign after the partial description located in the "Description" column. The page will reconfigure to include the complete seller description just below the sale listing. Seller descriptions are also displayed within the Ticket Details window that is displayed on the left hand side of the page after you click on Buy or View. Double clicking on the plus sign on the top of the Description column will display all descriptions on that page.

 Can I purchase only certain items in a posted sale?
No, buyers are required to purchase all items listed within a ticket sale. At no time will a buyer be allowed to only purchase certain items that are included in a ticket offering. For instance, if your desired ticket sale contains 4 tickets, you will be required to purchase all four tickets.

 How will I receive the tickets I have purchased?
When purchasing tickets you will be asked to choose your desired delivery method. All ticket buyers will have the option to print their tickets at home, pick up their tickets at the Coors Field Ticket Office or have them sent via standard mail. Buyers that choose the Print at Home delivery method will be able to print out their tickets from their home PC provided they have a printer. Buyers that select pick up at the Coors Field Ticket Office will be able to obtain their tickets at the will call windows 2 hours or less before game time. Lastly, buyers that choose standard mail will receive their tickets in the mail. All orders placed 6 days or fewer prior to the event purchased must either utilize Print at Home or will call.

 Who is selling these tickets?
Season Ticket Customers place tickets for sale for games they cannot attend. Previously, these seats would go unused and would not be available for purchase. Unlike tickets sold by ticket brokers and through other internet sites, tickets sold on the Rockies Ticket Marketplace are guaranteed to be valid for the event purchased.

 How can I be sure that I bought tickets?
After purchasing tickets, you will receive an email message confirming your ticket purchase. You can also review your ticket purchase activity under "Purchase History".

 What happens if the game is cancelled?
If you have purchased tickets off the Rockies Ticket Marketplace for a game that has been cancelled due to rain or other circumstances, you still retain ownership of the tickets. The tickets will be subject to the same terms and conditions as all other individual game purchases. Generally speaking, your tickets will be valid for the make-up game or will be refundable if the game is canceled and not replayed. Service charges may or may not be refundable. Please call 303 R-O-C-K-I-E-S for more information if this situation occurs.

 Will I be reminded of the tickets I have purchased?
You will receive an email reminder before the game or event for which you have purchased tickets.

 Can I cancel a ticket purchase
All cancellations and refunds are governed by team and venue specific terms and conditions. Please be sure to review these terms and conditions before you purchase the tickets. The Terms and Conditions relevant to a given team or venue can be referenced from the ticket buying interface. In all cases a certain portion of the service fees are non-refundable.

 When do ticket sales end
When placing the tickets for sale, sellers select when they would like to stop the sales of their tickets. The latest ending time allowed is 3 hours prior to the event.

 Buying Accessible Seats
The Colorado Rockies have designated seats in Coors Field specifically for guests with disabilities in each of the following categories: wheelchair accessible or companion seats.

  • Wheelchair spaces are available for our guests with disabilities that utilize a wheelchair.
  • Companion seats are for our guests with disabilities that require accessible seating, but do not utilize a wheelchair.
A description of the disabled seats posted for sale can be found in the Seller Description.

 Contact Us
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