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Seller's Guide - Getting Started
To begin to resell your 2007 Rockies Full Season Tickets, the first step necessary is to register on the Rockies Ticket Marketplace. Simply click on the Ticket Marketplace link below.

Next, click on the "Sign Me Up" link located under the login box of the Ticket Marketplace. At this point, you will need to enter your Rockies season ticket account as well as your key in order to successfully register on the Marketplace. Once you have successfully registered, you will then be able to post your tickets for sale. For assistance, please call 303-312-2222.

Rockies Marketplace Basic Functions
To navigate through the Ticket Marketplace environment, first log in and then simply use the menu buttons that are located in the menu bar off to the right-hand side of the Ticket Marketplace window.

My Inventory - Displays tickets you have available to sell as well as the status of any tickets that have been posted for sale.
My Market - Shows tickets you currently have up for sale and allows you to change your end sale time or withdraw tickets that have not been purchased.
Sales History - Shows the tickets you have previously sold on Marketplace.
Buy Items - Takes you to the full list of tickets that are currently posted for sale. If you have posted tickets for sale, your tickets will appear in bold and will not have the "Buy" button next to them.
Messages - Shows e-mails regarding your Marketplace activity.
Profile - Allows you to edit your e-mail address, password, credit card number, and contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions
 Why would I want to sell my tickets?
If you cannot make it to a game, you can place your tickets for sale on the Marketplace. If your tickets sell, you will receive a credit equal to your purchase price. You can use your credit towards your purchase of playoff tickets and/or season ticket renewal for next year. You may also request a refund check to be mailed to you, which will be mailed twice a year, in late July and late October.

 What do I receive when my tickets sell?
For each ticket that sells, you will receive a credit equal to your purchase price as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Your credit for tickets sold will be updated to your season ticket account approximately 10 days after the end of each month. You can use this credit towards your purchase of playoff tickets or your season ticket renewal for next year. You may also request a refund check to be sent to the address on your season ticket account, which will be mailed twice a year, in late July and late October. The amount of your credit is listed in the email message you receive. You can review the status of your marketplace account under "Sales History".

 How do I sell my tickets?
Under "My Inventory", or home page, click Sell next to the game you would like to sell tickets for. Set the key aspects of the ticket sale, including:

Selecting the seats you wish to sell.
Your only option will be to sell your tickets for a fixed price. Set how many days and hours before the event you would like your sale to end. The latest ending time the system will allow is 3 hours prior to the event. Enter your seller description. Click finish to complete your ticket posting. Be sure to hold on to the tickets until further email notice. If your tickets do not sell, your original tickets are still valid and available for you to use at the event.

 What are Seller Descriptions?
Providing a description of your posting in this field is designed to help you customize your offer and make it attractive to prospective buyers. Descriptions may be up to 200 characters in length. Examples of potential descriptions are, "These seats are just 5 rows above the Rockies' Dugout", or "These Club seats include in-seat service and access to the Club Level".

The first 52 characters of descriptions included in the "Description" field appear on the main posting page. To access the complete description, as well as all of the items included in a posting, simply click on the plus (+) sign after the partial description located in the "Description" column. The page will reconfigure to include the complete posting. Please note that you are responsible for the accuracy and appropriateness of the descriptions included with your postings on the Rockies Ticket Marketplace.

 What are the Seller Description Rules?
Sellers have the ability to describe their ticket postings during the ticket posting process. Sellers are limited to entering up to 200 characters to describe their ticket offerings. At no time will Sellers be allowed to enter seller descriptions that contain the following:

  1. Personal contact information such as e-mail address, phone numbers or arrangements for sales outside of the Rockies Ticket Marketplace.
  2. Any content that is threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, offensive, pornographic, profane, sexually explicit or indecent
  3. Constitutes or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law.
  4. Violates, plagiarizes or infringes the rights of third parties including, without limitation, copyright, trademark, patent, rights of privacy or publicity or any other proprietary right.
  5. Inaccurate descriptions of postings, including misleading information regarding seat location, amenities or single game gate price.
  6. Links to outside websites, or other solicitations.
Additionally, if you are selling accessible seats, such seats must be clearly designated as such (either as a wheelchair space or a companion seat). All item descriptions are subject to review by the Rockies, MLBAM and Paciolan.

Sellers found to be in violation of the Seller Description Rules will have their Ticket Marketplace access revoked. All item descriptions are subject to review.

 " What is a Fixed Price Sale?
A fixed price sale allows the buyer to purchase the tickets instantly at the price listed by the seller. Fixed Price sales will end up to 3 hours before game time. When posting tickets for Fixed Price sale, sellers have the option to have their ticket sales end up to 3 hours before a game, however they can have their sales end anytime before the 3-hour minimum time.

 How many tickets can I place for sale?
You may place as many tickets for sale as you need, however the team may restrict the total number of listings at one time. This means there may be occasions when you will not be able to list tickets for sale.

When selling tickets for a specific game, note that if you have a large number of tickets to sell, it may be best to sell them in several smaller blocks instead of one large block.

 How can I be sure that I placed my tickets for sale?
After placing tickets for sale, you will receive an email message confirming that you have successfully placed your tickets for sale. You can also review your ticket activity under "My Market".

 What do I do with the tickets I've placed for sale?
You will be notified via e-mail when your tickets have been sold and the bar code on your original tickets is no longer valid. Ownership of the sold tickets will then be transferred to the ticket buyer. After receiving notification that your tickets have been sold, you must destroy your season tickets for that game. If your season tickets are attempted to be exchanged or used for admittance to Coors Field after they have been sold, all privileges to the Rockies Ticket Marketplace including, but not limited to, buying and selling of season tickets via the Rockies Ticket Marketplace may be revoked. If your tickets do not sell you will be notified via email and your original tickets will still be valid and available for you to use at the event.

 Will I be notified if the tickets sell?
Yes. You will receive an email message telling you that your tickets have sold. Processing your transaction may take up to 30 minutes after the transaction occurs, at which time confirmation of your sale will be posted in your Marketplace Messages and emailed to you

 Can I cancel a ticket sale?
Once you have placed tickets for sale, you can cancel the sale in the "My Market" section. Select the ticket sale you would like to cancel and click Withdraw Tickets. However, once a ticket sells, you may no longer cancel that sale.

 What happens if I sell my tickets and the game is cancelled?
In the rare occasion an event is cancelled due to rain or other circumstances, you will still receive credit for your ticket sale. You no longer have ownership of the tickets after the sale is completed.

 What happens if my tickets don't sell?
If the tickets do not sell, you will receive an email message telling you so. Your original tickets are still valid and available for you to use at the event.

 When can I place tickets for sale?
Tickets may be posted for only two homestands at a time. At the conclusion of a homestand, you may post tickets for the homestand following the next one that is about to start.

 When do ticket sales end?
When you place your tickets for sale, you specify when you would like the ticket sale to end.

 Selling Accessible Seats
When posting disabled seats for sale on the Rockies Ticket Marketplace, you must list a description of your disabled seat from one of the following categories: wheelchair accessible or companion seats.
  • Wheelchair spaces are available for our guests with disabilities that utilize a wheelchair.
  • Companion seats are for our guests with disabilities that require accessible seating, but do not utilize a wheelchair.

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