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There are some silver linings
10/05/2004 8:29 PM ET
ANAHEIM -- We made some mistakes in Game 1 that weren't characteristic of our club this year and that hurt us. I thought that Jarrod Washburn, from the physical standpoint, threw the ball well. He had his stuff, but we didn't make a couple of plays for him. Seven runs in one inning is hard to overcome. On the plus side, I thought we had some good at-bats against Curt Schilling. I was happy about that.

In spite of the loss and in spite of some of the things we did wrong, I did see some good things out there also. In the event that we might have to face Schilling again in this series, I think we did give him some things to think about if there is a Game 5. Troy Glaus had a wonderful day at the plate and we got Schilling's pitch count up there pretty high, for him, with 107 in 6 2/3 innings. We had talked about needing to move runners against a guy of Schilling's caliber, and I thought that was a big situation in the second inning when we got a leadoff double from Troy, but didn't get him over and didn't get him in.

Looking ahead, we've got Bartolo Colon set to go Wednesday night, and I know he is ready. Bart has got to pitch well and we have to catch the ball and make plays. They've got a very good pitcher going in Pedro Martinez, so our approach will be as it was against Schilling. We can hit home runs, as everyone saw today. We have that in our game with a certain amount of people. Like Schilling, Martinez doesn't make many mistakes. And he holds runners well. He holds the ball and it's hard to get in a rhythm because of that. He can be quick, he can be slow, but the fact that he holds the ball makes it tough.

Overall, we just didn't fulfill the game plan in Game 1, but we have to in Game 2 to get back in it. This loss is not going to make anybody hang their head. In 2002, we didn't win the first game of any of our playoff series. We just need to play the game our way and play it well. It just so happens that the uniforms of the other team say Boston Red Sox. But we have to beat the game of baseball through execution and it just happens to be the Red Sox on the other side. That's our game, to execute properly. If we do that, we'll take our chances on the outcome.

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