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Mike Scioscia postgame quotes
10/09/2004 12:55 AM ET
MIKE SCIOSCIA: First thing I want to do is congratulate the Boston Red Sox organization. They played a great series. I think we had high expectations coming in. Obviously didn't materialize but those guys played great baseball out there and tip our cap to Terry Francona and the whole organization. They did a terrific job and I think it showed on the field. They played great baseball.

Q. Talk about the situation with Washburn.

MIKE SCOISCIA: Frankie was actually in a high pitch count. He threw a lot of pitches the couple of days before. You know, I think he was getting tired. Between innings we had talked to him and he felt a little bit tired but felt he could go back out, so being on the borderline and you know with a young arm like Frankie's you definitely want to err on the side of caution. We felt at that point it was much better to get Wash there, a lefty match on Ortiz, if Ortiz happened to get on, see what they wanted to do with Nixon on deck; if they were going counter we had Perci ready. That was the decision making process. Really just Frankie was really stretched to the limit.

We talked to him between innings and we talked to him further on the mound and I think you know, I think he was getting to the verge. Did he have three, four, five more pitches in him? We'll never know. But I think in a case like that, you know, Frankie has been there all year for us, and to extend him into a -- to extend him into unchartered waters for a couple of nights, Game 2 he threw 40 pitches, he had 40 pitches again tonight. That's getting into a range we're not real comfortable with. Wash was ready to go. Just didn't get the pitch where he wanted.

Q. Did he ask to come out?

MIKE SCOISCIA: No, Frank did not ask to come out. He said he was feeling a little bit tired, but I think he obviously would have gone after him if we'd have left him in par.

Q. When Ortiz was with Minnesota, did you ever envision him to turn into this kind of MVP player?

MIKE SCOISCIA: Well, you saw the potential. I think he had a terrific year in Minnesota, but then I think in the offseason he was kind of out there. I know he was looking for a job I think a couple of years ago as far as what clubs were going to sign him.

Found a home here and he's been incredible, to say the least.

Q. Has he gotten better during the last couple of years?

MIKE SCOISCIA: I saw him in AAA when he was in the Twins organization and I think it's very obvious, he's definitely using the whole field. I think he's matured as a hitter to where he's handling more pitches and more zones and he can drive the ball to any part of the park. So it's obviously, you know, made him the type of player that he's turned out to be. He's made some adjustments at the plate no doubt.

Q. Shawn in the top of the 10th, the hesitation around second, did that cost you guys a run there?

MIKE SCOISCIA: It's not always an easy read here in the this ballpark. He's hitting the ball well, but Figgy, as he picked the ball up, he wasn't sure if Ramirez was going to have a play on it and once he lost his momentum, there was nowhere for him to go. He was thinking, steal the bag. I don't know if he got a good view of where the ball was. I haven't had a chance to talk to Figgy, but obviously, you know it was kind of hit at his ankle. He wasn't sure if it was going to go off the wall or not.

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