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Dale Murphy chats with fans
05/21/2004  7:32 PM ET
As part of Braves TBS Baseball Friday Night Xtra, two-time National League MVP Dale Murphy participated in a live online chat with fans just before the Braves hosted the Dodgers.

mccobw01: Mr. Murphy, you were a hero to me growing up, as well as to countless other Braves fans. What active players do you consider to be positive role models for today's youth?

Dale Murphy: There are a lot of players doing a lot of good in their communities. Three that come to mind are John Smoltz, Luis Gonzalez and Curt Schilling.

mccobw01: Mr. Murphy, I'm 25 years old and still consider you to be one of my biggest heroes. Do you have any plans to one day get involved in baseball once again?

DM: I've thought about it now and then. But we still have six children at home, who are into a lot of activities, including baseball. I'd like to get back into the game. But it would require a lot of travel and I want to be home as much as possible right now.

Base_Ball_2: Dale, during your career in Major League Baseball, what was your most memorable moment and why?

DM: I'd have to say the 1982 season. That was the year we started out 13-0, I won my first MVP and we won the division. It was an exciting and fun-filled season.

Jeremy_Shaw: How hard was it coming up in the minors?

DM: It was a lot of competition. Everyone is trying to get to the Majors. Before you get into professional baseball, you don't really experience the kinds of slumps you do when you get there. Also having to play the amount of games that you're not used to, makes it very tough mentally and physically. But that is where you learn the game and learn what you're capable of doing.

Jeremy_Shaw: Given the current Braves string of injuries, coming from a baseball player, how does a team keep its head up and keep playing at a level everyone is accustomed to?

DM: One of the real challenges the Braves have is that they have raised the bar so high and now while dealing with all of these injuries, it's going to require some patience from everyone. There's no reason to panic. This team has a great tradition of winning and once that tradition starts, it doesn't wane.

Jeremy_Shaw: What milestone in your career means most to you?

DM: The back-to-back MVP awards and being able to play in 740 consecutive games. Those are the first things that come to mind.

Jeremy_Shaw: Do you think this Braves team can hang in long enough to get everyone back healthy?

DM: Yes. Like I said, nobody should panic yet. We're only 40 games into the season.

Jeremy_Shaw: What was your most memorable moment in your career?

DM: Clinching the division on the final day of the 1982 season. We lost that day. But we made it to the playoffs.

andruwjones25rocks: Mr. Murphy, what have you been doing since retirement?

DM: I've been doing public speaking and coaching and watching a lot of Little League baseball.

andruwjones25rocks: Mr. Murphy, you hold the franchise record for most home runs. Who do you think could break your record?

DM: Chipper (Jones) and Andruw (Jones) are already closing in on my Atlanta record. If they stick around a few more years, they'll both have a good shot at doing it.

dawgs14: Dale my son just played your team in the Triple Crown Tournament. I was wondering if you offered private lesson?

DM: We didn't win a game in that tournament. I was wondering if you could provide us some lessons.

mlb_com_member: We miss watching you playing and are so proud of your accomplishments both professionally and spiritually. We send best wishes to you and your family -- sister and brother Archie L. Jones.

DM: Thank you very much Archie. My very best to you.

andruwjones25rocks: Mr. Murphy, I heard somewhere you were thinking of running for elected office in Utah. Is that true?

DM: I did consider it for a little while. But I decided it's not time for me to get involved, politically.

jpm3: Who was the toughest pitcher you ever faced?

DM: J.R. Richard, Nolan Ryan and Orel Hershiser come to mind.

sig1990: I am a 13-year-old catcher, are there any tips you would give to me for getting into professional baseball?

DM: Just keep working hard. Every team is always looking for good athletic catchers. It's a good position to try to break into professional baseball.

Base_Ball_3: Who is the Braves best current and all-time outfielder?

DM: Andruw Jones is the Braves best all-time outfielder and an argument can be made that if he's not the best of all-time, he's in the top two or three.

jpm3: Do you have any interest in broadcasting?

DM: I'll let you know at the end of tonight's game.

Base_Ball_4: Dale, what was the best thing about playing for the Atlanta Braves in your 15 years of playing for them?

DM: The great people I met within the Braves organization and being able to live here in Atlanta with my familiy. We thank Dale for joining us tonight. Dale's got to get ready to help Pete and Don broadcast tonight's game on TBS's Friday Night Xtra. Thanks for participating.

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