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Cox pregame quotes
10/07/2004 5:01 PM ET
Q. Injury update, Chipper took batting practice and he's in the early lineup. Is he ready to go?

BOBBY COX: He took some swings and is going to give it a go. When he caught that ball down the line yesterday, he banged it on the ground, and that's what made the reoccurrence.

He's got some swings in him, so we're going to give it a go.

Q. Batting lefty, righty, do you think it will make a difference?

BOBBY COX: I don't think so. I think he's got a certain amount of swings in him, and we'll see how it goes. If he can't tolerate it, we'll go to Plan B.

Q. What is Plan B?

BOBBY COX: Well, he's going to start the game right now. I have two lineups -- one with Giles playing third and Nicky Green playing second. That was Plan B.

Q. Game 3 starter, John Thomson, any progress with him?

BOBBY COX: Yeah, I was in the bullpen with John and Leo (Mazzone) this morning. He had a very, very good side session. So he's going to be good to go.

I mean, it may reoccur during the course of a game, and we'll adjust at that time. But right now he's good to go.

Q. Hampton's knee, what's the update?

BOBBY COX: Well, it's the same. He's got a bad knee.

But he's pitching good with a bad knee, and I don't think you'll see much limping around or anything like that. I just -- it's going to swell up after the game and it will have to be tended to and stuff like that. But hopefully he'll get through his seven, eight innings there.

Q. What about Jaret Wright? Any other body part that's hurt?

BOBBY COX: Yeah, Jaret, now he's got a big bruise on his shin, let alone the ankle. But I don't think the ankle bothered him much yesterday at all. He made a lot of good pitches and made a couple that they really jumped on. The bruise on the shin is not going to stop him from Game 5, that's for sure.

Q. You said Chipper has a certain amount of swings. Is he taking a reduced batting practice because of that?

BOBBY COX: He is today, yes. He only wanted to take a few and save them. Every time he swings, he seems to irritate it, and if he only takes a few, maybe he's got at least four during the ballgame; that will be good.

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