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Orioles statements on Canseco book
02/07/2005 4:38 PM ET
Orioles 1B RAFAEL PALMEIRO today issued the following statement regarding the forthcoming book by former major league player Jose Canseco:

"I categorically deny any assertion made by Jose Canseco that I used steroids. At no point in my career have I ever used steroids, let alone any substance banned by Major League Baseball. As I have never had a personal relationship with Canseco, any suggestion that he taught me anything, about steroid use or otherwise, is ludicrous. We were teammates and that was the extent of our relationship. I am saddened that he felt it necessary to attempt to tarnish my image and that of the game that I love."

Orioles owner Peter Angelos issued this statement:

"The Orioles are solidly behind Rafael Palmeiro and have absolute confidence in him and in his denial of the Canseco story. The Orioles will do everything we can to be of assistance to Raffy in meeting these allegations that have no foundation. We know him well and the kind of athlete he has been and the vigorous manner in which he has trained. He is a highly professional athlete.

"Russell Smouse, General Counsel of the Club, and I will be pleased to provide any representation which is appropriate in meeting these wholly unfounded charges.

"No purpose is served in giving audience to these type claims in view of Major League Baseball having stepped to the plate with the encouragement of President Bush in addressing the steroids issue. To suggest, as Canseco allegedly does, that President Bush, as The Texas Rangers managing partner in the early 1990's 'must have known about the steroid use on that team' is a desperate ploy to sell a book. What credibility does such a person deserve?"

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