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Terry Francona, Game 1 quotes
10/05/2004 9:03 PM ET
Q. I just want to ask you about Millar's defense, aside from his hitting.

TERRY FRANCONA: He made some good plays. He tackled that one, but he made a couple. He made the pick on Cabrera up the middle. That was a good play on both ends. Still, Dougie (Mientkiewicz) is so special defensively, you got to get him in there when it's appropriate. Every run helps. You are asking about Millar. Millar is not a bad first baseman, it's just, in our opinion, Mientkiewicz is kind of special.

Q. Terry, how is Curt's ankle, or whatever it is?

TERRY FRANCONA: I think he tweaked it a little bit on the play. Millar could have stopped that ball in two seconds. I think he tweaked it a little bit. I don't think it's anything that's going to slow him down, just I think it's a little sore. But he pitched for another inning and I don't think it bothered him pitching.

Q. Pitch count was approaching 100, he had the big lead, did you think about taking him out then or did he want to go back out there?

TERRY FRANCONA: Not sending him out to the seventh? No. He was fine. We wanted him to get through that inning. He probably could have gone another inning. I just thought it was -- when we got out of it with him was perfect.

Q. Could you just comment on how desirable a position it is to be now one up, knowing that you have Pedro going tomorrow.

TERRY FRANCONA: You know, in these five game series, the question is certainly pertinent, but it changes after every game. If we lose tomorrow, somebody will say, how do you feel now, you lost Pedro's game?

We won the game that we have control over today. We show up tomorrow night and try to win that game. That was our approach all along. We did what we needed to do today. If we do what we need to do tomorrow, it will make it a lot better.

Q. Terry, it looked like he didn't come out there for introductions before the game. Was there any reason for that?

TERRY FRANCONA: Who is that?

Q. Pedro.

TERRY FRANCONA: You know what, I didn't even notice that. If there was a reason, I didn't -- I didn't see that. I was nervous.

Q. In retrospect -- at the end of the third inning, the play that Cabrera and Millar made, how important a play was that, in your mind?

TERRY FRANCONA: You know what, you don't know. That's why you talk about it so much, trying to play clean baseball and not give extra outs, and that was a pretty special play.

There are a lot of little things. You don't know what's going to lead to a win. When Johnny Damon fought off pitches and put the ball in play, I know they threw the ball away, but that was a pretty tough at-bat for him off a guy who has had his way with him.

He puts it in play. Some of it happened for us. We had baserunners and we made them work, and because of it, we caught a break there. And then Manny comes up and puts the bat on the ball, as he does so often, and we spread it out, as we talk about so often, because you knew they were going to put (inaudible), and his pitch to McPherson was huge. I think it was a first pitch was a split that rolled, and you know the kid has got a lot of power; that was another big at-bat of the game.

Q. Terry, your first postseason as a manager, what are your thoughts so far?

TERRY FRANCONA: I like it so far. You know what, it's not really different -- I mean, the game is still played exactly the same, and we have good players, and if we play like we can, I will enjoy myself.

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