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Bronson Arroyo postgame quotes
10/09/2004 12:33 AM ET
Q. Terry just said when he pulled you it seemed like you were pretty much out of bullets. How did you feel when he took you out of the game?

BRONSON ARROYO: I definitely wasn't out of bullets. I felt strong. I just didn't command the strike zone on that hitter but I think he wanted to go lefty/lefty matchup regardless, even if I was 0-2 and had given up a base hit, I think I was coming out anyway.

Q. Bronson, do you feel cheated at all? It looked like you had this win in the satchel.

BRONSON ARROYO: Personally, yeah, you obviously want to get a win and you go out with a 6-1 lead, but playoffs are playoffs and it doesn't matter. Stats don't mean anything and W is the only thing that counts. I'll take a no decision over a W if we get the win every night.

Q. Can you talk about what the craziest thing you just saw in that locker room was?

BRONSON ARROYO: Well, it used to be Manny Ramirez taking buckets of water and dumping it on everybody. But it's happened so many times now that it's no big thing.

Q. You've got to be pleased with that kind of an outing in your first big playoff game.

BRONSON ARROYO: Yeah, definitely. I felt strong, I felt like I had a good enough fastball to keep these guys honest and keep them off my breaking ball, and definitely pleased with only giving up the long ball to Glaus.

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