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Terry Francona postgame quotes
10/21/2004 1:34 AM ET
Q. For the last four days, you've told us, you would not want to talk about coming back from 0-3, 1-3 and it was a win today. Having done it how do you feel having done something that has never been done before?

TERRY FRANCONA: As far as doing something that's never been done before, I mean, that's for you guys to have some fun with. I mean, I understand it's special. We just wanted to win and move on. And the only way we could move on was to do it the way we did. We had to show up and win the game we were playing or we were going home. And we're playing the New York Yankees, we know how good they are, and we found a way to win the game we were playing. And it came down to tonight, and we played a very good game.

Q. Two games on the road, coming into Yankee Stadium, Schilling last night was phenomenal and tonight Derek Lowe. Did that even exceed your expectations?

TERRY FRANCONA: Oh, yeah. We were trying to get innings out of D, and he just pitched two days ago. If we got three, four, whatever we got, we could have gone to Wakefield. We had lined up a lot of different scenarios, but he was so special tonight. I mean, the runs helped. Johnny Damon hits that Grand Slam to make it six nothing, he gave D some breathing room but he was special under some tough circumstances. It's not easy to do what he did, to give us the innings and the quality of the innings was really something.

Q. If you would not mind being a little philosophical, the game tonight was almost a microcosm of your whole season, the whole series, Damon's terrible until tonight; Derek Lowe, not knowing whether he was going to be a starter for the series and he ends up starting two games and you guys come back and pull off this improbable four-game sweep; it's really pretty amazing.

TERRY FRANCONA: It's very amazing. I think to do what we did, you have to have people chip in and do some special things.

We found a way to win some games while Johnny wasn't swinging the bat and all of the sudden Johnny gives us huge lifts. Back four days ago, Dave Roberts steals second base in the ninth inning. That may get lost in the shuffle but not in our clubhouse and not by me. The way our bullpen, they went out and pitched innings that some of those guys had no business being out there but they found ways to not only go out there but get people out. When we are down 0-3, there is no room for error, and they didn't make any errors.

Q. How was Johnny handling the slump he was in and did you expect anything like tonight out of him?

TERRY FRANCONA: We expect that more often. He's a tremendous player. Look at the year he had. I understand he's not going to win the MVP but actually the last couple of weeks of the season, he's got to be in the top handful of guys when you're a lead-off hitter and you've got 94 RBIs and 20 home runs and all year leading the league in runs, that's a special year. He's a good, good player. We just tried to remind him of that.

Q. I don't know if this has been announced, but who is your MVP?

TERRY FRANCONA: Our entire team. This is not the time to go ahead and single people out. We won this as a ballclub. We'll celebrate as a ballclub and we'll move on as a ballclub.

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