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O'Brien happy with staff's effort
06/08/2004 10:07 PM ET
CINCINNATI -- In his first year as the Reds general manager, Dan O'Brien and his staff have had a lot on their plates.

For O'Brien, as the new architect of a small-market team, the main course has been dealing with his first draft. Now that it's over, O'Brien's both pleased and relieved with the way his scouting department handled its first draft.

"Looking back on the overall talent pool for this year's draft, I thought [Reds director of amateur scouting] Terry Reynolds did an excellent job of maximizing our selections throughout," said O'Brien. "I was very pleased with the balance of high school and college players as well as the direction we're headed as far as position players versus pitchers. All in all, we have every reason to be pleased."

They also have every reason to take a well-deserved break, although the bulk of his scouting department will be hitting the road shortly -- if they're not already on it -- in hopes of signing their draft picks.

"I think from the standpoint of our scouts and national cross-checkers, there is no doubt that when they go to bed tonight there will be a little less physical and mental exhaustion," he said. "They've all been hard at it for six months non-stop. This is culmination of all that, and I suspect it will be a pretty big relief for everyone involved."

As for O'Brien, the end of the draft enables him to put a little more emphasis on the players he already has instead of the ones he was coveting.

"I think some of the focus now shifts from the draft to the opportunity to see some of our farm clubs," O'Brien said. "It give me a chance to evaluate the progress some of our players have made from Spring Training up to this point in the season.

"Obviously, it will be a mix and match of observing our Major League club interspersed with visits to our farm system. It's something that I'm very much looking forward to."

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