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Vizquel chats with fans online
03/25/2004 12:37 PM ET
Shortstop Omar Vizquel took some time to chat with fans from Spring Training in Winter Haven, Fla. Vizquel answered questions about his health, his teammates, and how he thinks the Tribe will do this season.

omarrodrigonunez_hot: When is the release date for your DVD?

Omar Vizquel: My DVD is already on sale at Cleveland Indians Team Shops.

omarrodrigonunez_hot: Do you think you could play again in Venezuela for all your fans?

Vizquel: I'm still thinking about it. It's a family issue for me.

cbhollow_ncsu_edu: Hey Omar, what do you think the Tribe's biggest strengths and weaknesses are coming into this season?

Vizquel: Strength is the starting rotation. Our weakness is our power.

mckiller: How are you? Do you see yourself in an Indians uniform next year and do you think that the team now is comparable to the '93 team when they were getting their stuff together to make the great run the team had in the '90's? I loved your book by the way.

Vizquel: All depends on my year and how I do. Our team this year is very similar to the '93 team.

cbhollow_ncsu_edu: Omar, besides yourself, who do you think will have a great year?

Vizquel: Jody Gerut.

omarrodrigonunez_hot: Hi, my name is Omar Nunez. I am from Caracas, Venezuela. I would like to know about your knee. How does it feel? Do you think you can play the entire season?

Vizquel: My knee is 100 percent and I believe I can play over 140 games.

cbhollow_ncsu_edu: Omar, what has been your best memory during your tenure with the Tribe?

Vizquel: Opening Day in 1994 when we opened Jacobs Field and the World Series in '95 and '97. Also, the comeback against Seattle.

arlloyd_neo_rr_com: Would you like to play with the Indians for the rest of your career?

Vizquel: Yes.

arlloyd_neo_rr_com: How is your son Nico doing with you being gone all season?

Vizquel: That is the toughest thing for me to deal with.

b2cse_hotmail_com: Last year I felt we were a good three years from contention again. But it seems the youngsters are growing quickly. Could we be only a year from dipping into free agency to fill a spot or two and making a run?

Vizquel: Yes. I think the team is maturing a lot quicker than a lot of people think.

crholloway_hotmail_c: Do you think you are often overlooked as one of the better shortstops in the game?

Vizquel: No.

bwesfam_adelphia_com: How is the team feeling down in Winter Haven?

Vizquel: Very optimistic. Not like last year when we had some doubts.

linda_marckel_tns-gl: Hi Omar, Will you ever shave your head like you did last year while on the DL?

Vizquel: Maybe. It was a frustrating moment for me so that is why I shaved my head.

crholloway_hotmail_c: What did you think when talks of trading you came up?

Vizquel: Nothing. I was ready for it.

crholloway_hotmail_c: What do you think of the what the Yankees have done this offseason?

Vizquel: Nothing different, just spending a lot of money like every year.

batboy2123: Omar, I am doing a research paper for my English class and my topic is baseball. How has the game of baseball changed today from the days of Robinson and Ruth?

Vizquel: The game is the same, but players are better prepared in every way.

DaTrip13_hotmail_com: Will you sign a one-year contract with the Indians if they offer it to you?

Vizquel: Yes.

rrh311_aol_com: No question, just a comment. I'm so happy that you're still with the Indians this year. You're still the BEST player on the team!!

Vizquel: Thanks.

b2cse_hotmail_com: Do you see us dipping into free agency as early as next year to fill a few holes and making a run?

Vizquel: Hopefully, since I'm involved.

Slimdog027_msn_com: Where do you see the team placing this year in the AL Central?

Vizquel: I don't really care as long as we improve.

jenkline_2000_yahoo_: Are you and the team encouraged by the good Spring Training everyone seems to be having?

Vizquel: Very much.

omarrodrigonunez_hot: Do you think you can follow the steps of Ozzie Guillen by becoming Venezuela's second manager in MLB?

Vizquel: Yes.

redrabbit: How are you and Ronnie Belliard adjusting to each other?

Vizquel: Yes. We're showering together. Ha, Ha.

DaTrip13_hotmail_com: Do you think you have a chance at making it into the Hall of Fame?

Vizquel: Too early to tell.

lor088_aol_com: Omar, what did you mean when you said, "our weakness is our power?"

Vizquel: Hitting home runs.

mckiller: Do you miss Jim Thome as a friend and teammate? I know we do.

Vizquel: Yes. No doubt.

mattshobe_hotmail_co: Omar, I was at that Game 6 in Seattle -- greatest baseball moment of my life. Do you think this team needs a key veteran or two more to "turn the corner," especially if you're in contention at the break?

Vizquel: Yes. I hope we're in contention at the break.

arlloyd_neo_rr_com: How is Ricky Gutierrez doing?

Vizquel: He is doing really good. Great comeback

Vizquel: I need to go get ready to beat the Expos. Thanks for taking the time today to chat with me. I had a lot of fun and look forward to seeing you at Jacobs Field this season. Have a good day.

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