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They already tax our work, don't let them tax our play
06/15/2007 5:22 PM ET
In the next few days, the Legislature is expected to introduce a new "Luxury Tax" of 6% on all tickets to attend professional sporting events, concerts, shows and movies in Michigan. It is estimated that this new tax will increase ticket prices by over $100 million per year:

$24 million per year tax on sports tickets for Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, Lions, Michigan International Speedway, minor league baseball and hockey.

$48 million per year tax on shows and performances like those at the Fox Theater, Palace, DTE, Meadow Brook, Purple Rose Theater and DeVos arena for shows like Sesame Street Live, Lion King, White Christmas and performances by the American Idols.

$32 million per year tax on movie tickets to every movie in every movie theater in the state:

A family of four with season tickets to the Tigers would be forced to pay new taxes ranging from $230 to more than $1,200 per year.

A family of four with season tickets to the Red Wings would be forced to pay new taxes from $597 to more than $1,900 per year.

We Must Stop the Ticket Tax

The Ticket Tax Targets Families, Kids and Teenagers.
Taking your family to a ball game, a show, or a movie is one of the most cherished traditions in Michigan. It's not a luxury. It's the way we spend our hard earned money after all the taxes are taken out of our paychecks and all the bills are paid. It's how teenagers spend their babysitting money and kids spend their allowances.

The Ticket Tax Targets Working Families.
Most of the tickets to attend sporting events, shows and movies are not purchased by corporations and the wealthy. Michigan's working families purchase them. Families that are struggling today to survive today's difficult economic conditions in our state. Families that already pay income taxes and sales taxes, and $3.20 for a gallon of gasoline.

If Lansing is going to Tax Our Work...Don't touch our Play
The Legislature is already looking to raise the income tax across the board on working families and retirees. Why add an additional burden on Michigan's working families?

The Highest Ticket Tax in the Region.
The Ticket Tax would give Michigan the highest sports and entertainment ticket tax in the region. Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania have a "O" tax on family fun.

$3.20 Per Gallon, a Tough Economy and a Ticket Tax Don't Add Up.
The high price of gas and a tough economy are forcing Michigan families to seek entertainment venues closer to home. Adding the burden of a ticket tax might just put the cost of a family night out for a concert or a ball game out of reach.

The Legislature May Take Action on The Ticket Tax Without a Public Hearing.
The state Legislature may take this tax up without a public committee hearing, which would give fans across Michigan an opportunity to tell them how ticked off they are about this ticket tax. That's why people need to act today to contact their legislator. This may be the only chance to tell your lawmakers what you think about this ticket tax idea.

How We Can Stop the Ticket Tax:

1. Contact the Governor, your State Representative and your State Senator. Tell them you oppose the Ticket tax. Spending time with your family is not a luxury to be taxed.

2. If you don't know your legislators' email or phone number, go There you will find links to the Governor's email and to email addresses and phone numbers for your State Representative and State Senator.

3. Or call 1-877-No-TK-Tax (1-877-688-5529) to get the phone numbers you need to call for the Governor and legislative leaders. Email Today...Call Today...Act Today Fans Against The Ticket Tax

Email Today...Call Today...Act Today
Fans Against the Ticket Tax

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