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Astros looking forward to home
10/07/2004 10:13 PM ET
Left-handed reliever Mike Gallo, in his second big league season, is a member of a playoff team for the first time. Gallo is chronicling his journey through the posteason in a daily online journal.

This was a tough game, but we were in it until the end. It was, for the most part, a typical playoff game. I look at it like this, and everyone else looks at it like this: It's the best of three now and we have home-field advantage. We have a great opportunity and yeah, tonight was disappointing, but you can't expect to win them all anyway.

You're going to have these types of games. Two good pitchers going head-to-head, you're going to have a nail-biter now and then. It probably won't be the only one we have this postseason.

It's going to be good to go home and see that crowd and turn the tables on those guys a little bit, have them play in a hostile environment. It should be a lot of fun.

Thursday's game was a little bizarre, especially when the phones weren't working in the bullpen in the seventh inning. I was warming up, and so was Brad Lidge. We were both ready to go. We picked up the phone, and it wasn't working. We heard a ring, picked it up, but there was nothing there. I was warmed up and ready to go and I tried to call them (in the dugout), but it wasn't working. Then all of a sudden, the Braves equipment guy came down and said, "The phone's not working?" We were like, "No, it's not working."

It probably looked like they were stalling for time, but we were calling down to the dugout and it wasn't working. Lidge was ready to go in anyway. He was ready to go in. It wasn't like we were trying to get extra time for anything. I understand if we had just gotten up or something, but we had been throwing.

Anyway, tonight was the first game that the crowd was really into the game, but they didn't even sell this place out. That's pretty sad. It's the playoffs. Pack your place in. Those guys are going to come to our place and see a packed place, and it'll be loud. It's going to be a lot of fun.

I know we just won 18 straight at home, but I'm not even thinking about the winning streak. I'm just thinking we're going to be playing at home. We've been doing well at home. We have the next two games at our place, the series is tied and it's going to be great.

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