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NLDS similar to heavyweight fight
10/10/2004 9:26 PM ET
Left-handed reliever Mike Gallo, in his second big league season, is a member of a playoff team for the first time. Gallo is chronicling his journey through the posteason in a daily online journal.

Sunday was one of those games that's a typical playoff game. It was a battle back and forth. Everybody was involved. You have to give a blow and take a blow, and it was one of those games. It's like a boxing match. You've got two heavyweights head-to-head and now we've got the final round tomorrow.

This isn't going to put any stress on us. We are going to be just as confident Monday as we were Sunday.

It was a lot of fun to be in the game and to watch it, too. Everybody pitched their tails off, everybody played their tails off and we're going to do the same in Game 5.

The good thing about the playoffs is, who doesn't want to be involved in a Game 5 in a best-of-five, or a Game 7 in a best-of-seven? Those are the most-watched, most-exciting games to be a part of or to be a fan of. I think everybody's going to rise to the occasion. It's disappointing that we've got to go back to Atlanta, but it's one game and it doesn't matter where we are playing it. We're going to be the same.

I felt confident going into Sunday's game and was glad I could contribute. Carlos Beltran gave me a little bit of insight last week, about having a script and going over it in your mind. I made my own script. There are basically five simple things that I do. No. 1, control the breathing. No. 2, don't worry about who's in the batter's box. No. 3, trust your stuff. No. 4, have confidence and No. 5, hit your spots.

Beltran was saying he has his script, and he reminds himself before every game. I took that out there with me as well as some other breathing techniques that have been taught to me. I felt really locked in. I feel I have something in the tank for tomorrow. It's going to be fun.

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