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Pete Munro, pregame quotes
10/13/2004 7:14 PM ET
Q. Are you nervous?

PETE MUNRO: I would say so. I mean, but I'm nervous in any type of game atmosphere. I believe that's normal. I've asked some big game pitchers -- David Wells, Clemens -- they all say that they still get nervous. If you don't, there's something wrong with you.

Q. The length between your last outing, it's quite a bit. What have you been doing to stay sharp, and is that good or bad?

PETE MUNRO: It has been a long time, I think 13 days now. But I just continue to throw a lot of side bullpens. Just work on my location, which I've got to say is my strength. And it could be a good thing. My arm's rested. It could be a bad thing for some guys but I don't think it's going to be a problem with me, because that's my strength, is location, so.

Q. Phil was just in here saying that several times down the stretch he took you out early in order to get another hitter in the lineup. He says he's explained that in advance. Are you okay with that?

PETE MUNRO: (Smiling) I would say that I'm in a position in my career where I have to be OK with that (laughter).

But, I mean, I'm a competitor so, I mean, I wouldn't say that I enjoy coming out that early. I believe that a couple of times it has happened we ended up producing some runs and it ended up working out. Any time that you can do that, and a long man, spot starter type of guy is supposed to keep you in the game, if I can do that for three innings, four, five innings, I'm doing my job, so.

Q. Given the way the Cardinals can hit and seeing what Jose Lima did, was that inspirational and could you learn a little bit from him?

PETE MUNRO: It was definitely a positive thing. I mean, I guess me and Jose kind of have similarities in the way that we pitch and our stuff, the way he changes speeds and has to locate. So we are looking at some tapes, and Lima is on one of them.

Q. Take us through this year. You were in Triple-A and they released you.

PETE MUNRO: I was in Triple-A with the Twins in Rochester. I had an out in my contract, if I thought that my situation, I'd have a better situation somewhere else. I was throwing pretty well with them, I had a good spring training, but I guess the railroad I'm on has taken me somewhere else.

I took my release. I thought I had a better opportunity somewhere else, I had no job opportunities in line. Gerry Hunsicker called my agent. He said, "Listen, we'd like him in St. Louis on Friday." I believe that was the last time we were here, in June. I wasn't expecting all the injuries to happen in the rotation, I was just expecting to be a long guy, maybe an occasional spot start, but I've been in the rotation ever since. That's how God works things.

Q. You guys are picked as the underdogs. How is that perceived in the clubhouse? How does that work in the clubhouse?

PETE MUNRO: I believe that after the beginning of the season, when there was so much hype about the lineup and the rotation, that after we started losing for that pretty long time, I can't even say brief, it was such a long time in the middle of the season, but we were underdogs in everybody's eyes.

I believe that where we came from and where we are at right now is an incredible achievement. I mean, we're used to being the underdogs from like June or May or whenever it was, when we started to decline.

We're just used to that. The atmosphere in the clubhouse is, "Listen, we just got to win. No matter how it is, whether it's taking the starting pitcher out in the second inning, third inning, bunting a guy over, moving him over to second with no outs." That's how you do it. You can't play American League baseball here because sometimes it just doesn't work out.

We've been the underdog before. I think we enjoy that. You got nothing to lose, you know...

Q. Not having been in this environment before, what do you draw on to get yourself ready? Does it feel the same yesterday as when you've been in a high school championship football game? What do you draw on?

PETE MUNRO: What I draw on is I believe what I've been through. I'm not a high school football star or whatever. I played baseball, but the journey that I've been through in this game, being released and traded a couple of times and, you know, just keep on having to prove myself. I think this is just another step in the railroad. It's been a good journey, but I don't think it's over yet.

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