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Pete Munro off-day quotes
10/19/2004 6:01 PM ET
Q. What was your reaction when Phil (Garner) told you you were going to start?

PETE MUNRO: I guess I was kind of overwhelmed. We were on the plane this morning. He told me this morning. Told me a few days back that there might be a chance that I'd start, depending on the situation.

It's just another chance for me to prove myself.

Q. How good does it make you feel that you were chosen over arguably the greatest pitcher you've ever seen, certainly the best one of this generation, and you're starting Game 6?

PETE MUNRO: I think in any other circumstance if Roger (Clemens) had four days off, he'd definitely be the guy to take the bump. Given that he's been on three days' rest a few times already, and this isn't a must win, we're up a game, I think that they wanted to give Roger an extra day. That they went with me is amazing to me. It's a feeling that I never had before.

Q. How much does it help you that you've already pitched against them in this situation, where you did pretty well, and coming in now how much do you think that helps you?

PETE MUNRO: It helps a lot. Last night helped a lot, seeing what Brandon (Backe) did with these guys. Seeing what they've done early in the counts and just scouting these guys. But definitely me facing them for the second time, I know what they did against me last time; it's still fresh in my mind.

Q. Did you manage along at all with Phil? Did you expect him to go to Roger? Did you expect the decision to come to you?

PETE MUNRO: Well, like I said, a couple days ago Skip came up to me. He said, "Here's the situation, you're going to be in the bullpen tonight, pending situation." I guess if we lost last night, they'd be going with Roger. That's just my opinion on it.

And if we won last night, then it would be me so they can give Roger that extra day.

Q. I think the Cardinals think they're going to face Roger and a lot of us maybe did, too. Do you think you're underestimated by us?

PETE MUNRO: I mean, I've been underestimated my whole life, I mean, when it comes to baseball.

I'm sure that they'd rather face me than Roger. I mean, I'd rather face me than Roger (laughter).

But, I mean, there's a lot of underestimating going on about me, but I guess I showed up in Game 2, right, closed a lot of mouths then.

Q. What were the positives you took out of your first start in this series?

PETE MUNRO: I honestly didn't think I was going to be that sharp. I hadn't had much time off in between outings. I knew I was going to be around the plate, but from the first pitch in the bullpen I felt that I was I guess I was on top of my game.

That's one of the things that I took out that was very positive. I made them put the ball in play a lot.

Q. Could you just talk about facing a lineup like the Cardinals and whether you have in your mind going into the game guys you're going to not let beat you?

PETE MUNRO: Well, there is a couple guys in the lineup that you don't want beating you but specifically one I think we all know who I'm talking about (laughter). He's hitting what, .800 this series.

You want to pitch around everybody. I like to go after guys, be aggressive. If you can limit Albert (Pujols) to a single, I'll take that. But given the circumstance, if there's nobody on, two outs, man on second and third, he's probably not going to get my best pitches. Or he is, but not locations that he wants them.

But nobody on, two out, he's going to get my best stuff.

Q. You said people have underestimated you. In that regard, did you ever think that you'd be sitting here saying that you're feeding off what Brandon Backe has done in the playoffs? Do you feel like there's maybe a story being presented here?

PETE MUNRO: Well, I knew I would be sitting here. Not at this point in my career, of course, but I always had faith that I'd be sitting here.

Feeding off of Brandon Backe, no. I mean, I never knew Brandon Backe before this year. But, I mean, if you look at the circumstances, when I came to the Astros, he was the one that got sent down for the roster spot. Now he's the third guy in the rotation and I'm jumping back from the bullpen to the rotation.

So I think this is a situation there that's kind of funny, but, I mean, how can you not look at the game last night and learn something? He pitched his heart out and he did an absolutely amazing job.

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