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Phil Garner postgame quotes
10/20/2004 10:13 PM ET
Q. With that outcome, is it hard to appreciate what a great game it was?

PHIL GARNER: No, it was a good game. It's an unfortunate ending, no question about that.

But there were some good performances in the game. It was a good ballgame. I'm sure the Cardinal fans enjoyed it, but I'm sure people around the country that enjoy baseball enjoyed the game, too.

Q. Can you talk about the decision to bring in Miceli?

PHIL GARNER: He's pitched for me in the eighth inning for quite some time. He's done a pretty good job of doing it. Got to get the guy back on the horse when he falls off it.

Q. You did have Oswalt warming up, was there any consideration of bringing him in?


Q. Was it frustrating not being able to score a run while Lidge was in there dominating the game?

PHIL GARNER: That was the frustrating thing for us all day. We only put one run on the board at a time. We didn't string together hits; we couldn't get any offense generated. So that was our frustration and it ended up costing us in the end.

We just couldn't somehow get another run or get them in.

Q. With how short Pete (Munro) lasted, are you regretting at all not starting Roger (Clemens)?

PHIL GARNER: Absolutely not.

Q. How do you feel now knowing you have a pitcher like Roger to go to tomorrow?

PHIL GARNER: With us being in this game today, I'm disappointed that we didn't get over the hump today and win this game today. A very winnable game for us, so I'm disappointed but haven't given much thought to tomorrow's game, only that I had scheduled the Rocket to go. We need a good performance out of him. We need a good performance out of our offense tomorrow. Just like this series has been all along, it will be, I'm sure, another good game, probably another close game.

Q. Can you guess tonight how much Lidge will be available tomorrow?

PHIL GARNER: I'm sure he'll be available for an inning. Beyond that, I'm not sure.

Q. Were you surprised Tavarez could pitch in the game with a broken hand and also how well he pitched?

PHIL GARNER: No, it's my understanding that it's the fingers that are broken as opposed to the hand, so I'm not surprised. He did throw well. He's a good pitcher. I'm not surprised.

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