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Jeff Weaver pregame quotes
10/10/2004 7:56 PM ET
Q. How anxious are you to have a chance to get back out there after the last outing?

JEFF WEAVER: Extremely excited. I mean, the decisive game. It's definitely going to be the biggest game of my career. I relish the opportunity. You know, I really felt like I had a good game plan last time, and hopefully the results are a little bit better.

But I'm going to go after the guys, you know, with pretty much the same approach as I had last time.

Q. Is there anything you can take from Lima's performance to take to your game?

JEFF WEAVER: Yeah, of course. You watch what he has done. We're a little bit different pitchers, so it's hard to take most of the stuff from him. But obviously, you know, I'll look at the game film and look at the spots that he got people out on and with what, incorporate it into what my repertoire might be. Hopefully, you know, what he did should benefit us as far as guys following him up.

Q. Would you put yourself in Suppan's shoes, both being from the valley and what it might be like for him pitching here tonight?

JEFF WEAVER: Well, if he was anything like I was growing up, you know, I was a huge Dodgers fan. I'm sure he came to plenty of baseball games here growing up.

I'm sure it will be a strange occasion for him to finally pitch in front of the home crowd and have the support there that I've been lucky enough to have all through the year. So I'm sure he'll have some butterflies, very anxious, I'm sure. He'll want to get out there and, you know, kind of put himself on the center stage of what he used to watch growing up.

Q. You're kind of counting on him not having the support that you had, though.

JEFF WEAVER: Well, I think we've got more support in the stands than what he can bring. His crowd will be in his corner, cheering him on. But the way the fans were here last night, I'm sure they'll be drowned with noise.

Q. Any thoughts on how different the atmosphere might be in the clubhouse today?

JEFF WEAVER: I think obviously getting the first win out of the way kind of relieved a little stress on our shoulders. But I think more than anything, just getting back home, the way the crowd was yesterday was unbelievable. It was a little bit more subdued in St. Louis. I think we were all riding on the adrenaline of the fans. We can't wait to get back out there tonight and hear the same people.

Q. How will you deal with so many red-shirted maniacs back in St. Louis?

JEFF WEAVER: Well, I think we went through the first two games. I think we got a little bit more experience. I think a lot of us were kind of waiting to see what would happen, being the first post season for a lot of people. Now we've got our feet wet. I think we're looking forward to getting back to St. Louis and showing them exactly what type of team we are.

Q. In your mind, what is Jim Tracy's biggest strength as a manager?

JEFF WEAVER: I would say how positive he is. I mean, he's always talking about the good things, what we've done good. Doesn't really take time to talk about the things that we've done wrong. He wants to bring to the forefront, you know, the good things. You know, he always talks about team chemistry, how everybody one through 25 has to be part of this in order for it to work.

I think just his demeanor, the way he approaches you and the way he talks to you, it sinks in. I think everybody believes what he has to say. He's always calm and personable.

Q. Did you notice any difference between him after losing the first two games and before? Was that when he was most valuable, after coming back down from 0-2?

JEFF WEAVER: I don't think there was much of a change, and that's probably one of the benefactors. That, you know, even with our backs up against the wall, you know, you don't see anyone start pointing fingers or asking us what we're doing or wondering what's going on. He just keeps the same game face, continues the same talk, keeps everybody else loose and relaxed.

Q. Do you think it will be difficult for the National League not to pay attention to the Yankee Red Sox series?

JEFF WEAVER: I don't think it's just the National League, I think it's the nation. I mean, it's the biggest rivalry on the East Coast. It tends to go nationwide with how many Yankee fans and Boston fans there are across the country.

It's one of the most intense series that you could ever put your finger on. I know I'll be keeping an eye on it. I'm sure there will be some instant classics on ESPN shortly.

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