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Matt Kemp 'hangs' with fans
07/08/2008 6:50 PM ET
toby111213: Hey Matt. How do you like batting leadoff?

Matt Kemp: It's awesome. We're like 7-1 when I'm batting leadoff, so as long as we keep winning I'm cool.

DodgerKing: Matt, what is your favorite thing about the city of LA?

Kemp: It's just a great city with some great fans. You know you get to go to random spots and see your favorite celebrities and stuff like that.

scurtis1999: Hey Matt, who do you usually hang out with on the team during off days or after games?

Kemp: We're around each other all day, so when the game's over, a lot of times we do our own things. I'll go to the mall and hang out. Or just hanging out at the house and watch TV until the next game.

GiantsSuck: What position did you play in basketball and who's your favorite NBA team?

Kemp: My favorite player is Ray Allen and my favorite NBA basketball team is the LA Lakers. When I was playing, I was a shooting guard.

joey3329: Hey Matt, i meet u in san francisco when u where signing, wat is ur approach at the plate u seem too anxious at the plate???

Kemp: Yeah, but I think I'm getting better and better every day. I'm getting more comfortable at the plate. I have been a little bit too anxious, but I have seen myself this week be a little more patient. I can only get better as the year goes on.

dodgrfan805: What did you eat in China?

Kemp: I ate at the hotel every day. Me and our trainer Rick Lembo had Chinese food for breakfast. Dumplings and fried rice for breakfast.

mkempfan01: What's something you can tell us about you, that your fans wouldn't know?

Kemp: I think I can sing. But you guys will have to be the judge.

tommylasordid: How does Joe Torre and his staff respond to your aggressive style of baserunning? Do they try to reign you in?

Kemp: I think my baserunning has actually been pretty good this year. I think they like the aggressiveness. They don't want a passive baserunner. But I always have stuff to learn from the coaching staff.

951mikes: Who are or have been your baseball idols/mentors, guys you learn from?

Kemp: I've learned a lot about baseball from my agent, Dave Stewart. I talk to Torii Hunter all the time about the game. And Delwyn Young is actually my idol (he's here with us right now).

rissykissy: What kind of music do you listen to?

Kemp: Lil Wayne every day. And Rick Ross. And Usher.

ashley_27: do u have a G/F

Kemp: The only girlfriend I have is my mother!


Kemp: Thanks! For the break this year, I'll be chilling at the house playing catch on the beach with DY. During the offseason, I just work out and get ready for next season. I'll go on vacation, too. I'm going to take a three-week vacation on an island somewhere and then get back to working out.

seadweller1980: Matt, How you are doing good today, What is you favorite park to play in excluding, Dodger Stadium?

Kemp: Arizona's Chase Field and Atlanta's Turner Field. They're both great ballparks.

MLBExpert: Last night did you think Kuroda could get the perfect game?

Kemp: I sure thought he was. I wanted him to so bad because I've never been a part of a no-hitter (other than last week when it happened to us!). It would have been exciting to be a part of, but he got a one-hit shutout and we won the game.

fansince89: What's the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?

Kemp: Last homestand a fan threw a Dodger dog at me!

rmlvr55: Hey Matt, Do you have any pre-game rituals? And keep up the great work your an amazing outfielder :)

Kemp: Me and Jeff Kent get together and listen to Lil' Wayne to get pumped up!

bernie_t: what is your favorite restaurant in La?

Kemp: Katana on Sunset in Hollywood

GameTime21: Hey Matt, Its Me the One That Is always waving around a Blue Kemp Shirt In CF. What was your first reaction when you saw someone wearing your jersey for the firstime.

Kemp: I've been trying to get you a ball up there all the time. I will try again tonight. The first time I saw someone wearing my jersey was cool because that's when I knew I had made it to the big leagues.

jimmyadams: how does it feel to always be in trade rumors?

Kemp: I would never want to get traded from LA. This is my home. I love it and if they ever traded me, I'd be very disappointed. Being in the rumors is just part of the game.

diggie1: What's your key to stealing bases?

Kemp: I'm still learning from the best, Juan Pierre. DY says the key is to not get thrown out.

bosvslad: with 100 K's approaching for do you feel about that upcoming milestone?

Kemp: Some of the greatest home run hitters of all time struck out a lot. I can strike out every day as long as we continue to win.

thnk88blu: What do you think of your nickname, "The Bison"?

Kemp: I'm a beast! Seriously though, what do you think of it??

clay275: what's it like coming from Oklahoma to a huge city such as LA? boomer sooner

Kemp: Very overwhelming. But I've had lots of great times in LA here while adjusting to it all.

gcasillas: DY is the man !!!!!

Kemp: Thanks mom! Appreciate it (that's from DY)

dodjanfan: What was the first thing you bought after signing with the Dodgers?

Kemp: I bought a Playstation 2! I went straight to Walmart to get it.

mrs55: Is there any significance to your number, 27?

Kemp: Nope. Just the number they gave me when i got here.

LoneyROY7: Will the Dodgers win the World Series this year?

Kemp: Hopefully. We're gonna try our best, I'll tell you that much.

14la: What is the best advise that Andrew Jones has given you?

Kemp: I honestly just watch how hard he works every day and I try to follow his lead. I hope all the Dodger fans will get behind him because he's a hell of a player.

jtripp: Has Maury Wills helped coach you in base running?

Kemp: In Spring training, that's all we worked on, base running and stealing bases. Hopefully it's show so far in the first half of the season.

caligreen: Matt, Gabrielle Union or Beyonce?

Kemp: Beyonce

GiantsSuck: Where are u guys doing this chat from?

Kemp: The training room in the clubhouse at Rick Lembo's desk

LoneyROY7: Tell Torre to start DY tonight.

Kemp: I'm on it! I'll make sure he does the next chat with you guys. Thanks for doing this. See you all soon.

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