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The Metrodome at a glance
10/04/2004 2:40 AM ET
Dimensions: 343 LF Corner, 408 CF, 327 RF Corner

As a baseball ballpark, the Metrodome has more than its share of challenges.

Balls are difficult to track in the white roof and bright lights. If one happens to hit one of the several giant dangling speakers, good luck. It's always fundamental to keep your eye on a ball hit in the air, but never has it had more meaning than in Minnesota.

Balls hit to right field could hit off the soft rubber wall known as "the baggie."

But the biggest challenge of all is no more. Before the season, the Twins switched from their much-maligned, old and hard AstroTurf to the softer synthetic surface, FieldTurf. It plays much slower than the previous turf, eliminating some of the home field advantage. The Twins committed more errors during the breaking-in period of the new surface in April and May, but have since adapted well.

Fans can also play a part in the action. The curtain usually blocking out upper deck seats will be lifted for the postseason, increasing capacity to more than 53,000 boisterous fans. When those excited people yell, scream and cheer while waving their "Homer Hankies" for the Twins, decibel levels spike.

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