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Twins short hops -- Game 3
10/08/2004 11:45 PM ET
MINNEAPOLIS -- This is what happens to ground-ball pitchers sometimes on artificial turf.

Kevin Brown and Carlos Silva both pitched their games Friday night, putting the ball over the plate with sink and letting opponents hit it. But between the bounce and the speed of the turf, they ended up with different reasons to be frustrated -- Brown for the former, Silva for the latter.

Seven of the 13 outs Silva gained on balls put in play came on ground balls, but so did six of the 10 hits he allowed. But at least none of them stayed in the infield.

Brown ended up with a more even split of outs -- seven on the ground, seven in the air. But like Silva, five of the eight hits Brown allowed came on the ground. More frustrating than that was that four of them were infield singles, three of them the kind of Superball-type bouncers that hit in front of home plate and head for the sky.

Vitals check
A look at key statistics through Game 3 of the ALDS.

Team stats

Digits Trend The Deal
ERA 4.55 Silva turned in the first legitimately rough start of the series.
BA .277 Ah, those infield singles.
BA w/ RISP .308 Those outs trying for extra bases took away at least two chances.
Runs 12 Ninth-inning rally provides hint of momentum entering Game 4.
Fldg % .992 Guzman's throw was the only error, but Morneau's bad decision doesn't count.

Who's hot?

Player Digits Trend The Deal
Cristian Guzman 5-for-11, 2 runs Three infield singles Friday, all to second.

Who's not?

Player Digits Trend The Deal
Justin Morneau 2-for-12, one double Two hard liners went for nothing.

Behind the numbers
The Twins' hopes for Game 4 rest on Johan Santana pitching on three days' rest, but history is against him. According to Elias Sports Bureau, pitchers who have started on three days' rest in the postseason since 1995 are 16-29 with a 4.29 ERA in 69 starts.

Frozen moment
Right fielder Jacque Jones was left standing and watching as Bernie Williams' line drive cleared the baggie and hit the pull-out football seats. The two-run homer stretched New York's lead from 3-1 to 5-1.

Second guess
Never make the first out of the inning at third base. For that matter, the third out at second base isn't very smart down by six, either. Torii Hunter's decision to try to take third on his leadoff double in the bottom of the sixth would've been fine if the Twins were ahead. When the Twins need six runs instead of one, however, it's running your way a potential rally. Corey Koskie's attempt to leg out a double to center finished off the sixth.

Modern history
The Twins are playing in their fifth five-game series in franchise history. Each time, they've lost Game 3. If this note sounds familiar, it's because they lost Game 2 in all of those series, too.

Last word
"I felt like Ray Lewis hit me." -- Hunter on his collision with the fence in left-center field.

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