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Murphy's Hall of Fame plaque
08/04/2004 5:15 PM ET
Bob Murphy has been aboard the New York Mets roller-coaster for 32 summers.

If you grew up a Mets fan in New York, his distinctive midwestern baritone is unmistakable, even when it raises an octave or two describing a Mets' defensive gem.

He landed his first sportscasting job after World War II when he called the Muskogee Reds' games in his native Oklahoma. His first major league opportunity came in 1954 when he joined Curt Gowdy on Red Sox radio. In 1960 he left Boston for Baltimore before signing on with the Mets in 1962.

A caring narrator and a skilled picture-painter who grabs his listeners and transports them to ballparks throughout the country, Murphy has never lost his enthusiasm for his job or for the Mets, despite ups and downs over the years.

During the Mets' lean years he kept fan interest alive. His friendly style, his thorough knowledge of the game and his quickness with an anecdote have endeared him to his listeners.
—text of Murphy's Ford C. Frick Award, presented in 1994

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