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Halos ready to attack Schilling
10/04/2004 8:54 PM ET
ANAHEIM -- We've certainly got our work cut out for us in Game 1, because Curt Schilling, to me, has probably the best command of any pitcher in the American League. Tremendous command with great stuff. So if you're waiting for this guy to make mistakes, you're going to wait a long time.

He's not the kind of guy who's going to surrender three or four hits in a row very often, so you have to attack. You've got to get some guys on and do some things on the bases. You just can't wait for him to cave in, because he doesn't cave. He'll occasionally give up the home run, but normally that comes with nobody on base.

He's really good and when a guy's really good, our philosophy is to not be worried about taking pitches and working counts. We have to be aggressive, move runners and make the most of the opportunities that might come our way.

Our ballclub really generated a good feeling over the last week or 10 days to get into the playoffs and hopefully that carries right into this series. Of course, it's a separate season, but you'd much rather go in there playing well than to have it clinched for two weeks and go in playing poorly.

Our first playoff is really behind us. Beating Oakland two-of-three on the last weekend was like a playoff situation for us. That, I think, has really helped some of the people who weren't here in 2002. It's great that they've been tested in those pressure situations.

I believe our guys are ready for what will be a great challenge. Curt has proven himself as a tremendous playoff competitor and the Red Sox were right there last year. But we have a lot of guys who achieved the ultimate in 2002.

It's going to be an excellent matchup and we just have to play our game, play good defense and stay aggressive offensively. If we've got a runner at third and less than two outs, we've got to score that guy. It's always important to play good situational baseball, but especially when you're going against someone the caliber of Curt Schilling.

I think it's great that we got the chance to come home as opposed to flying all night and going to New York. We've had a chance to sleep in our own beds and had a day to recharge ourselves. All of that means a lot when you're about to face an outstanding opponent in the Boston Red Sox.

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