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Game balls: Rating Game 1
10/05/2004 10:10 PM ET is awarding "game balls" -- or, in this case, Wally the Green Monster, to represent the Red Sox, and the Rally Monkey, the Angels' scoreboard cheerleader -- for performances in the 2004 American League Division Series.

Five Rally Monkeys: Thump that chest, you're king of the jungle
Four Rally Monkeys: Go ape and cause some delirium
Three Rally Monkeys: More fun than a barrel of ... well, you know
Two Rally Monkeys: Zoo life. Plenty of bananas, not much excitement
One Rally Monkeys: You're stuck working for a non-union organ grinder

Five Wallys: Wave the Red Sox flag high and mighty
Four Wallys: Makes Red Sox Nation feel good
Three Wallys: The fur could use a little fluffing
Two Wallys: Might be time to dry clean the outfit
One Wallys: You're stuck rallying the faithful in northern Maine

Red Sox
red sox gameballred sox gameballred sox gameballred sox gameballred sox gameball
Manny Ramirez: It wasn't a rout until Manny made it that way. Ramirez was a terror, showing up everywhere in Boston's early rallies. He doubled and scored Boston's first run, and he came back later to blast a three-run homer in the game's key outburst.

red sox gameballred sox gameballred sox gameballred sox gameball
Curt Schilling: He wasn't perfect, but he didn't have to be. Once the Sox handed Schilling an early lead, he moved into pound-the-plate mode. Anaheim caught up to him for two late runs, but Schilling and Boston were just marking time in an easy win.

red sox gameballred sox gameballred sox gameball
Kevin Millar: Boston's rally animal of choice struck much earlier than expected, flexing his muscles with a two-run homer in the fourth inning. The Red Sox went on to score five more runs in that rally, taking control of the game and perhaps the series.

red sox gameballred sox gameball
Johnny Damon: Boston's leadoff hitter was all over the base paths, notching two hits and two runs scored. He even stole a base with a five-run lead, a gambit that led to the road team's final run. Damon is the speed in an otherwise station-to-station offense.


angels gameballangels gameballangels gameballangels gameballangels gameball
Troy Glaus: The designated hitter provided the power for the home team, banging two doubles and a well-struck homer off Schilling. Glaus was the 2002 World Series MVP, and Anaheim needs him at his menacing best to make the rest of the batting order work.

angels gameballangels gameballangels gameball
Darin Erstad: Anaheim's inspirational leader pointed the way back, peppering Schilling for three hits in three at-bats. The first baseman homered, walked and singled twice out of the two-spot in the lineup. But Glaus was the only power bat that showed up.

angels gameballangels gameball
Vladimir Guerrero: The home team's clean-up hitter socked two balls hard in his postseason debut, but he also finished with an 0-for-5 collar and two strikeouts. The Angels will likely go as far as Guerrero takes them -- it's a team game, but it's also a game driven by stars.

angels gameball
Jarrod Washburn: The southpaw got the ball because he was Anaheim's freshest option. He still might be, after getting knocked out early in the rout. Washburn got hurt badly by one big swing and one bad error. After Millar went deep for two runs, Chone Figgins widened the gap with a two-run throwing error.

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