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Gallo: Playoffs are a privilege
10/05/2004 9:46 PM ET
Left-handed reliever Mike Gallo, in his second big league season, is a member of a playoff team for the first time. Gallo will chronicle his journey through the posteason in a daily online journal.

Getting to the playoffs is the only reason you play this game, and it's a privilege to be a part of it. This is something you'll be able to tell your kids. You think about all the players that have played this game and don't get an opportunity to do this. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for any baseball player.

After clinching the Wild Card on the last day of the season on Sunday, that night felt kind of like Christmas Eve. You're thinking about whether or not you are going to get the present you want the next day. You get that really super-excited feeling. You think to yourself, "Wow, I can't believe it." After all this team has been through, it's been such a dramatic change.

Two weeks ago, someone asked me if we were going to make the playoffs. I said, "I can't tell you. I don't know. If we keep doing our part, we still need help from other teams." We got that help.

It's like a Christmas Eve feeling, but you also want to remember every moment, enjoy the ride and win the World Series.

For the young guys who have never been through this before, the excitement of the Division Series is probably not going to hit us until we take the field Wednesday. Growing up and playing this game, when you turn on the TV to watch the playoffs this time of year, you always see the Braves in it and you hear how loud this place is, just on TV. Now, we get to experience it firsthand. I feed off that. I love hostile environments.

It's going to be very exciting. I think we're going to rise to the occasion. Everybody picked us at the beginning of the year to be here, but then we lost a lot of that at the midway point. No one expected us to be here in the postseason. Now that we're here, it's kind of different.

Individually, I envision myself coming into a big sitaution, like with runners on base and a lefty up. Maybe I'll get to face J.D. Drew or Adam LaRoche in a big situation. I hope I get the opportunity.

All I know is this is going to be an experience I'll never forget. It'll be even better if we take a couple wins back with us to Houston this weekend.

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