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Carlos Silva, pregame quotes
10/06/2004 8:27 PM ET
Q. As a pitcher it must be a comfort to have such good fielders behind you. What is it like to play and pitch for this team knowing that the ball might get caught?

CARLOS SILVA: You know, I think that's the most important thing on the game, you know, because it's not only about the pitching, you know. Because you can pitch, you know but if you don't have a good defense behind you, a lot of things can happen. You see what happened last night, I think that was the key, you know. We have a good defense in the whole game, and that was big for us.

Q. Carlos, you had a rough outing against this team back in August at the Metrodome, and since then it seems that you've had a month and a half stretch where you've been very effective. Was there any change you made after that outing that has been the secret for your success?

CARLOS SILVA: Yeah, you know, I made a lot of changes. Like you guys know, this is my first year as a starter, and every day I try to learn different things. I have two best pitchers in the League, Santana and Radke.

You know what kind of lineup the Yankees have. I know I didn't pitch that good in that game, but I've been learning a lot of stuff and I've been working so hard, especially in my bullpen. Like Johan says, "it's no matter how hard you throw, if you hit your spot you're going to be fine no matter what hitter you face." If you hit the pitch you want to throw, I'll be fine. I see what happened yesterday and if they can do a better job this time, if I throw the pitch where I want to throw it, I'm going to be fine, I think.

Q. Can you explain to us how playing the Yankees so late in the season prepared you for the post season?

CARLOS SILVA: You know, it's very comfortable. Sometimes it's comfortable for us when we face a team twice. If we face that team twice, they are going to face me twice, too. If I know that team, they are going to know me better, too. It's like, I don't know, it's going to be it's pretty much that's not too good, either because when they face you a couple of times they know what you've got.

But I know what kind of lineup they have. I know what kind of lineup they have. I don't even pitch one inning in the playoff and they have played like, I don't know how many games they have played in the playoffs.

I don't put, you know, like if you see there's pressure all over the place, fans, reporters, the team. There's pressure everywhere, but I don't put pressure on myself, you know, because if I put pressure on myself, you're not going to be going the first inning.

Q. How difficult of an out is Hideki Matsui this year?

CARLOS SILVA: You know, I faced him, the only time I've played him this year, but he's a very good hitter. You know, sometimes I've watched I like to watch the games when I've got somebody pitching, I like to watch what kind of pitches they are throwing. I know every pitch is different but if you watch a game, you can learn a lot of stuff.

He's a very good hitter. Sometimes I see like the first couple the first series we have in here, they throw like some pitches almost in the dugout and he's still hitting it. Well, that kind of hitter is good. Sometimes we are we start pitching all over the place and it's when you get behind the count that's when they get you. And when they get you, they are going to hit you hard, too.

You know, it's not only Matsui; it's everybody. Even the first from the first batter to the ninth batter it's going to be hard. If you close your eyes one time, the game's gone. They have a good lineup.

Q. Your first year as a starter and you've thrown a lot of innings, yet your best month was September when you probably should have been getting a little tired. Why do you think September was your best month by far?

CARLOS SILVA: You know, I know I had a couple bad months, I heard people say, I could be a starter. And I heard a lot of bad things, but I didn't even pay attention to what they were saying.

I put my heart on my life, like I said to Rick, my pitching coach, my life is baseball. This is my life. I don't care what other people say. Because if you pay attention to what everybody says, you're going to get crazy. I was a little crazy already because my neck was hurt a little bit, too, because I've been watching the ball go all over the place, you know. (Laughter.)

I don't pay attention to this. I just wake up the next day, and I'm working, working hard. That's my goal. I have had good teammates the last two years. There was Jose Mesa and he taught me a lot of things, especially how to work. That's what I do. I keep working every day, keep working hard and try to learn. I focus very good on my bullpen, and I've learned a lot of stuff. I'm working so hard, I think that's why I'm healthy. And even in October, I feel very strong right now.

Q. What has Ron Gardenhire done for this team, and what do you think are some of his best strengths as a manager?

CARLOS SILVA: You know, it's like I like how he handles the game. You know what I see, it's like when we win, or we lose, he's always the same. I don't remember that we ever have like a meeting because we lose a couple of games. We don't have any meetings because we lose a couple of games.

You know, he plays the game very aggressive. He tries to score as soon as he can. But I think he's good. I'm so happy because he has given me this opportunity. I cannot say anything bad against him, you know.

You like him. I like the way he' manages, and he's a big help for our team to win the games.

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