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Javier Vazquez pregame quotes
10/08/2004 8:16 PM ET
Q: Just your thoughts on starting tomorrow. Are you nervous, are you excited, and what might the effects be of indoors as opposed to outdoors?

A: I'm very excited for the opportunity of pitching tomorrow, and it's an important game and, you know, I don't think indoor or outdoors is going to affect me. I just want to do my job and hopefully, I can contribute.

Q: Javy, have you been physically 100 percent since the conjunctivitis, and ... have you had any physical problems the last couple months?

A: I'm feeling good. I think right now I have been feeling the best I felt all year, and there's nothing else I can say. I feel good physically, and mentally, I'm ready to go.

Q: Javy, those years you spent in Montreal, when you go home in October, did you wonder what this was going to be like?

A: Yeah, I think that's one of the main reasons, you know, we want to play baseball, because we want to be in this type of situation, and I've always gone home early, so I watch the playoffs at home, and I wanted an opportunity to pitch in the playoffs with the Yankees.

Q: Javy, did this affect your confidence at all this past week, the uncertainty of whether or not you were going to be pitching? How did that play with you over the course of the week?

A: You have to understand -- I have to understand that I didn't do the best job the second half. That's one point, I know that. You have to be able to -- you have to be your own critic, and I didn't do the best job. I knew -- I wanted to pitch in the playoffs, but I knew that I made the errors. I'm glad I'm getting this opportunity.

Q: (Inaudible)?

A: I think right now I'm feeling more comfortable with my mechanics than I was probably three weeks ago, and, you know, like I said, I forget about all that stuff, and that's in the past, and this is like a whole new season here. Hopefully, I can have some good things in the playoffs and erase all the second half.

Q: What day did you find out you were pitching in Game 4?

A: They told me I probably was going to pitch Game 4 probably a couple days ago.

Q: (Inaudible)?

A: I don't know about -- I know it's going to be an important game and hopefully, we can get past this round and, you know, there's going to be some more important games in the next round. Hopefully, I can pitch in those and do the job I'm supposed to do.

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