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Backe postgame quotes
10/09/2004 5:35 PM ET
Q. Three years ago when they told you to try pitching, did you think you'd be in this this position?

BRANDON BACKE: No. Honestly, when I first heard they wanted to make me a pitcher, I was devastated to tell you the truth.

I thought of myself being a Major League hero, hitting home runs to win games. I never thought of myself as being a pitcher. But I'm pretty happy that it happened.

Q. You mentioned the other day about being an Astros fan growing up, now being an Astro. Can you talk about the situation now.

BRANDON BACKE: This team, the Astros, has been my No. 1 team ever since I was a younger kid. Just to have the fans realize that I'm from this area, living a dream, and supporting me 100 percent, it's an awesome feeling. I can't ask for more. I'm living a dream, honestly. There's nothing else I can say.

Q. What carry over did you get from the start you made last Sunday and the carry over, the excitement of that game?

BRANDON BACKE: It helped a lot, to be in that situation, to gain confidence with my teammates, let them know that I'm capable of performing well when I'm in situations like that. I think that was the biggest part of it, to get confidence from my other teammates. I felt that I had enough confidence out there last week and tonight as well, but if those guys knew I was ready, I was ready, that was big.

Q. Garner felt that you were lower key than you usually are before a game. Is that right in your mind?

BRANDON BACKE: I don't know. I did the same thing that I normally do in any start. I was focused today, I really was. I didn't let anything bother me. I didn't want anything bad to happen today. I wanted to do something good today. I didn't want to miss that moment, you know.

Q. Back in spring training there were other names that got the attention of hometown guys, and you were on the sidelines. Now you are winning Game 3. Can you talk about that.

BRANDON BACKE: Well, just being traded to the Astros, I couldn't ask for anything more. Being in the same locker room as Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte also was just pretty amazing, to know that I was there with my teammates.

But as far as getting all the hoopla, stuff like that, I really wasn't worried about it, to tell you the truth. I was actually worried about making the team in spring training, just getting on with the season, just proving to baseball that I can play here.

Q. You were in trouble in the second inning. You were able to get out. How big a lift did that give you?

BRANDON BACKE: I thought it was key to get out of situations like that. If you're early the game, second inning, like you say, getting out of that situation with no runs, I've already proved myself in the stretch, pitching in the stretch, and it's nice to know that I can get through that situation at that time. It just builds more confidence that your back's against the wall a little bit, but you end up pushing right out.

Q. In the fourth, you gave up a couple runs but then got out of it. How did that lead you into the fifth and sixth innings?

BRANDON BACKE: Just it pushed me a little bit. I got a little upset that I gave a hit to the pitcher. Things like that happen. But just can't let it bother you too much.

It kind of just gave me a second wind to go out there and realize that this is for real. We had a two run lead and all of a sudden it's back to we're tied.

It pushed me a little bit more to concentrate and not relax on just a 2 run lead.

Q. Tomorrow you become a cheerleader. Can you close it out?

BRANDON BACKE: I will be vocal tomorrow. I will push these guys as much as I can. I'm a young player, I've got energy, and all I can hope is that these guys feed off of that and it helps us out.

Q. Not looking too far ahead, but physically could you come back on three days' rest, if you're asked to do that?

BRANDON BACKE: I want to come back tomorrow (laughter) if I can! It probably isn't going to happen, but that will be my day that I was supposed to sit on the sideline, but I'll be ready for it. If they want to use me, I'll be ready.

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