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LaRoche postgame quotes
10/10/2004 6:30 PM ET
Q. The situation in the second inning where it looked like you were out of the inning, then the ball hit the roof and Biggio followed with a three run home run to give them a big lead and put you behind to where you needed something big, and when you came up, how did that affect the team?

ADAM LAROCHE: Well, as far as that inning, when Biggio hit the ball, you know, obviously we don't play in domes. I don't know how the rules work. I thought from the day before when J.D. hit it, I thought you played it off whatever it hit. Apparently if it hits foul, it's a foul ball.

No, I don't think it bothered anybody.

And as far as the pitch I hit out, I was just trying to hit something hard. The whole plan was to stay in the middle of the field and drive something hard. He left the slider up and I got some wood on it.

Q. What did you think of Clemens going five innings?

ADAM LAROCHE: He did great. He's been tough. I don't know what my numbers are off him, I know they're not very good. You can tell he knows what he's doing out there. That's why he's been around so long. He doesn't leave anything over the heart of the plate. He was impressive, like we knew he was going to be.

Q. Can you talk about the feeling in the dugout after you came back from hitting the home run, what the reaction was in the dugout?

ADAM LAROCHE: It was pretty calm. A little momentum swing, I think, for the guys that were down thinking, "This might be our last game." That turned the emotions around and kind of gave guys a boost, I think.

Q. Do you have to sort of control your enthusiasm after winning a game like this, knowing you've got an even bigger game tomorrow?

ADAM LAROCHE: Uh hmm, yeah, I think that's huge when we go into tomorrow to forget about today, although everybody's pumped and has total confidence in the game tomorrow. I think a game like this, like the one that we won at our place when it went extra innings, can kind of give you an extra boost. I think it's going to help tomorrow if it turns out to be a close game, just to know that we can know that we'll win it.

Q. If the Dodgers win today, it will mean all five of your games have been daytime. Do you think America has missed a good series?

ADAM LAROCHE: Yeah, I mean, it's definitely, no matter what happens tomorrow, it's been a great series. I think it is, it's unfair that we get all the day games. I don't know the ruling on who decides who gets the prime time.

But that's the way it is. Nothing we can do about it, 4 o'clock, 8 o'clock, we're going to be ready to go.

Q. When Springer came in and struck out the first two batters and hit Furcal with a pitch, did you have a feeling the door was opening there?

ADAM LAROCHE: Well, yeah, anytime J.D. is coming up, even though he hasn't been swinging the bat good, he's a swing away from putting two runs on the board.

I think when Fookie (Furcal) did get on, Springer looked great before that, he looked well on some swings. We went on him. To hit Fookie in, have him steal second, all it takes is one swing, like I said, from J.D..

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