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Terry Francona pregame quotes
10/13/2004 6:38 PM ET
Q. If he (Schilling) can't go, do you know what you're doing yet?

TERRY FRANCONA: I don't think we need to announce anything like that. I'm not sure it does us any good. The whole idea, you heard what Dr. Morgan said and Theo, we're going to give Schill every opportunity to pitch. If he can't, then we'll adjust. And I have no doubt that we would have the ability to adjust. But until we need to, we're not going to.

Q. Two-part question. One, Curt seemed very discouraged after the outing. Have you talked to him, and is his mood a little bit better? Part two is, a lot of people are going to speculate that Derek Lowe is going to be the guy in Game 5. Can you just speak of his up-and-down year and what you thought of it; how you would describe it personally?

TERRY FRANCONA: First part, Schill -- I don't think you used the word "grumpy". What did you say?

Q. Discouraged.

TERRY FRANCONA: I think Schill has been shooting for last night's game since last Thanksgiving when Theo and those guys went out and signed him. He was waiting to pitch that game, and he could not pitch that game the way he's able to physically. I'm sure that was very discouraging.

In saying that, I don't think I've ever seen a guy with more heart or the ability to compete than Schill. That's why part of the reason why I think we still feel fairly upbeat that he's going to pitch again because of the way he handles adversity and the way he competes.

As far as Derek goes, it was an up-and-down year for Derek. And we weathered the early part of the season and stayed with him and we got paid the dividends of his ability as a pitcher. He won a lot of games for us. There was a lot of up-and-downs. The good side of it for us is he's able to relieve, he's able to start, he has stretched out as a starter, and he has pitched in big games in the playoffs. So if we have to make adjustments, we are very able to do that.

Q. How does this uncertainty limit what you can do out of the bullpen and who you can use in the next couple of games?

TERRY FRANCONA: Well, we play tonight, we've got tomorrow off. So tomorrow it doesn't do anything.

Today, we're going to do everything in our power to win today. Again, if we have to make adjustments along the way, we won't be the first team to have to do that. I think we're in good shape to be able to make adjustments if we have to. What we'll do is try to win tonight and we'll go from there.

Q. Obviously this is not the way you want to start this series, but what's your mood, if you can contrast coming out of the Anaheim series and dealing with this blow, what's your mind set?

TERRY FRANCONA: That we're going to try to win tonight. If we're not able to overcome some adversity, and whether it's Schill getting beat in Game 1, if that's all it ends up being, which we're hopeful, or it ends up being more than that; if we are not able to overcome it, we're not a good enough team.

I don't think anybody in that locker room or clubhouse, including myself, thinks that that's the case.

So, we'll do what we have to to try to win games. That's part of competing and believing in what you're doing and believing in the people you do it with.

Q. Last night the way you used the bullpen, what was your thinking there; didn't want to overuse anybody in particular or wanted to use everybody? What was it?

TERRY FRANCONA: Well, I wasn't dying to use everybody.

Q. Each guy pitched an inning.

TERRY FRANCONA: Well, we were trying to match up a little bit and not overuse people, so we had a lot of people available. And also, pick innings where we thought we could get them to go out there and put up a zero. We did okay. Wake gave up a couple of runs, and we were going to run Wake out again when we closed the gap. It set up well for Embree; Timlin went out there and was comfortable, but then they got the big hit and got a couple of runs. We were trying to stop the bleeding and keep the bullpen intact as much as we can, trying to accomplish everything.

Q. If Curt cannot pitch in this series, would that eliminate him from a World Series possible appearance?

TERRY FRANCONA: Not only are you getting ahead of me five days, you're getting two weeks ahead.

The doctor and Theo kind of explained to you where we are. That's kind of where we are. I mean, we could say it and spin it a bunch of different ways. Let's just see how he does.

Q. Does this add any extra pressure to the rest of your rotation; specifically, a young man like Bronson Arroyo?

TERRY FRANCONA: Well, Bronson is not ready to pitch yet. I think tonight's game is obviously very important for us. I think the guy that's pitching the game for us will relish that. I think there's going to be a lot of attention on this game. I think the atmosphere is going to be incredible and I think he'll throw a very, very special game. So then we'll go from there.

As far as Bronson, Bronson will be fine, wherever he pitches. He's a good pitcher. He has earned the right to pitch in these circumstances. He'll be fine.

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