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Terry Francona postgame quotes
10/19/2004 12:04 AM ET
Q. You had a very strong performance from Tim Wakefield, given what he did for the club the other night, and how things turned out for him tonight, you've got to be pretty happy for him; and talk about his performance a little bit?

TERRY FRANCONA: First of all, I was pleased for our ballclub. We used, basically, everybody. To get shutout innings out of your bullpen for that length of time it was an unbelievable performance. Wakefield, right in the middle of it. Last inning, he was on fumes.

We talked about him the other day. You can't imagine how happy I am that he gets to end that game. What he did for our ballclub the other night, and he pitched the last inning on heart, I mean, I know he had a good knuckleball, but he was -- everybody was on fumes. So were they. I mean, you saw two really good teams that really competed with a lot of the heart. Thankfully, we're at home and we won.

Q. Did you ever contemplate at some point bringing in Mirabelli to catch Wakefield?

TERRY FRANCONA: No, no. I mean, I know it was a battle for him. That's a tough thing to do, all of a sudden you get a foul tip then we're bringing in Pokey for Mirabelli. Everybody is on fumes out there. I know everybody is tired, but just got to find a way to hang in there and win.

Q. Before the playoffs started, Curt Schilling said that to win a World Series you have to have 25 guys deciding together that it's the most important thing in their lives. Could you have foreseen games four and Game 5 coming together the way they did, and having your team just leaving everything out on the field like that?

TERRY FRANCONA: Yeah, I don't doubt that one bit, that statement. I mean, we had to win or we go home; that's obvious.

But, you know, so many frustrations of trying to win, not being able to win, holding on, feeling good, you know, ups and downs of a 14-inning game, but through the entire game, everybody was there watching it, trying to do something, even if it was just cheer. That's a very good feeling.

Q. When Bronson Arroyo came in, he looked particularly good striking out both Rodriguez, Sheffield; was there any thought to bringing him in and was part of the reasoning because he may be your Game 7 starter?

TERRY FRANCONA: We were really concerned about tonight. We wanted him for those three hitters. He only pitched a couple of days ago. We trying to manage health, production, availability. We really wanted him for those three. Once we got them out, we felt like he had Embree and Myers to get four through eight, and they did their job, too.

Q. Same rule applies from here on out in terms of availability out of the bullpen, etc.?

TERRY FRANCONA: Yeah, we'll take some inventory. I mean, we talked about it today. Tomorrow is going to be a little more unique, I'm sure. Bronson will be back in there, I think even Derek Lowe might be available, will have to be. Schilling's pitch count might be 180. (Laughter.) They are in the same boat we are. The guys are tired, they are happy, we're still playing. I don't think anybody's going to complain.

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