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MLB clubs unanimously endorse Selig steroid plan
05/11/2005 7:03 PM ET
At Major League Baseball's quarterly ownership meeting today, Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig briefed the 30 Clubs on the policy regarding performance-enhancing substances that he submitted to the Major League Baseball Players Association on April 25, 2005 and received overwhelming support in the form of a resolution recommended by the Executive Council, Major League Baseball's governing body, and unanimously adopted by the Clubs.

The new policy, which would add amphetamines to the list of banned substances, would increase discipline levels to 50 games for the first offense, 100 games for the second, and a lifetime ban for the third. It would also increase the number of tests in the random component of the program, and establish an independent expert to administer the program in place of the current Health Policy Advisory Committee.

"It is absolutely essential that Baseball adopts the Commissioner's steroid plan - and the sooner the better," said Houston Astros Chairman Drayton McLane, Jr. "We are committed to eliminating the illegal use of performance-enhancing substances from the game and, I believe, this new "three strikes and you're out" plan will accomplish that goal."

"I commend Commissioner Selig for taking this firm and decisive action," said John Moores, Chairman of the San Diego Padres. "The recent publicity surrounding the alleged steroid abuse of our players has damaged the public confidence in our game, which we must restore as quickly as possible, and I urge the Players Association to join the Commissioner in ridding our sport of these dangerous drugs."

Jerry Reinsdorf, Chairman of the Chicago White Sox, said: "It is clear now that steroid users upset the balance of competition on the playing field and raise public suspicions about the integrity of the game. There is no room for cheating in our game, and I believe the Commissioner's plan will put an end to the speculation."

Fred Wilpon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Mets, said: "I congratulate the Commissioner first for succeeding in strengthening our steroid policy in January and now for taking this dramatic and effective step to rid our game of performance-enhancing substances. These substances not only threaten the integrity of the sport but they threaten the health and well-being of our athletes. I fully support the Commissioner in this important effort."

The Executive Council resolution unanimously approved by the Clubs on May 11, 2005 reads as follows:


WHEREAS, the Major League Clubs and each of their owners have and continue to consider the use of illegal performance enhancing substances to be cheating and wholly improper, and they do not countenance the use of such substances in any fashion;

WHEREAS, the Major League Clubs and each of their owners have and continue to believe that the use of such substances represents an attack on the integrity of the game and sends an improper message to all athletes of all ages;

WHEREAS, the Major League Clubs and each of their owners have and continue to support the Commissioner's long term and on-going efforts to collectively bargain the most effective policy on performance enhancing substances.

WHEREAS, the Major League Clubs and each of their owners have and continue to support a zero tolerance policy for the use of such substances.


The Clubs support and endorse the policy embodied in the letter of Commissioner Selig to Donald Fehr dated April 25, 2005, and encourage the Players Association to join in embracing the policy and ridding the game of the scourge of performance enhancing substances.

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