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All eyes on Red Sox makeovers
06/08/2005 1:41 AM ET
The Boston Red Sox are back in St. Louis, and once again the world is about to see if they can change their image for good.

Millions of viewers watched the season-premiere episode of the hit series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" on Tuesday on Bravo, and now they can watch it in its entirety on-demand at Now that the Red Sox have shed their tragic postseason past, it is time for the tres tragique to undergo what the Fab Five calls a "Championship Make-Better."

Carson Kressley (fashion savant), Ted Allen (food and wine connoisseur), Jai Rodriguez (culture vulture), Kyan Douglas (grooming guru) and Thom Filicia (design doctor) spent time with several Sox players during Spring Training. Regular watchers of the show know that the five-man rotation of revamp has a major problem with nose hair and bad breath. They unquestionably will have a field day with perhaps the scruffiest team ever to win a World Series, and now even the Sox players themselves -- who have not seen the tape yet -- are breathlessly awaiting this episode.

"Needless to say, Red Sox fans everywhere are thankful for getting the proverbial 86-year-old monkey off their backs by winning the World Series and beating the 'Curse of the Bambino' but they still have to look at this scruffy, hapless, ragtag bunch," says the "Queer Eye" official website. "The Fab Five's mission: get the players looking like champions and give Little Leaguers, whose baseball field was devastated by Hurricane Charley, a once in a lifetime opportunity to play an exhibition baseball game with the newly made over Red Sox."

Helping the Port Charlotte, Fla., Little League team is what made it especially worthwhile to several Sox players, and baseball fans can further help that organization through a joint effort of and Bravo. Bidding is already under way at the Auction for five Red Sox jerseys that were each customized for that episode with the first name of that Fab Five member -- and signed by Red Sox participants in the show. Proceeds go to the Port Charlotte league.

"The big experience was to actually raise the money for the kids," said Kevin Millar, who drew the Fab Five's attention along with teammates Johnny Damon, Tim Wakefield, Doug Mirabelli and Jason Varitek. "I think it's forgotten about that, this whole thing is that the Port Charlotte Little League got devastated by the hurricane the year before. That was the main thing."

And what about the Championship Make-Better? Will it stick?

"Obviously the back waxing turned into a very painful experience," Millar said during the past homestand. "My facial didn't do much, as you can see. And the wardrobe has actually stayed the same, cowboy boots, jeans and T-shirts. But it will be fun to see that on Tuesday. I don't even know if our hotel gets Bravo, but I might get a tape of it."

The Sox players are back in St. Louis, where they lost Tuesday night -- while the "Queer Eye" episode premiered. Sox players will be able to see the full broadcast thereafter at and just like the rest of Red Sox Nation.

Yes, it's time to "drop it and shop it." You can even watch Damon get his hair highlighted. You can watch Millar get a gooey mask rubbed onto his face. One can only imagine the scene in the Sox clubhouse after the game if they wind up watching the broadcast right then and there.

This is gonna be good even if you're a Yankee fan. And maybe especially then.

These are the "problem areas," according to the show's site:

• Damon's hair is so long that, according to wife Michelle, it hides his dimples and makes him look older.
• Although Wakefield's fingernails are well manicured, his facial hair is a bit too much for wife Stacy to handle.
• Mirabelli's loud Hawaiian print shirts provide a constant source of laughter and mockery from teammates.
• Millar's "fungus issue" is made certain to be pointed out by Kyan.
• Varitek's wife Karen is quick to point out his body hair would be a starting point to his "make-better."
• "Communal soap" in the showers leave doubts on the minds of Thom and Kyan as to how clean the players really get after practice and games.

"We did a good thing," Damon said over the weekend. "We raised some money for kids. . . . So many guys, they do get manicures and pedicures and waxing. We're just promoting philanthropy and helping out the community."

Who will be the star of the show? "It's not going to be me," Damon said, "because I actually got bit by a spider so I couldn't do as much as I was going to do. I know Wake has funny parts in there, especially the wax part."

Mirabelli said, "I had a good time. I'm sure I'll watch it soon. . . . The most enjoyable part was that we were raising that much money for the kids. It was light-hearted and we had fun with it."

One of the jerseys up for bidding is a pink Red Sox jersey -- which looks like a regular home jersey that was accidentally washed with the red alternate jersey -- that was worn by Carson during the taping. It says "arson" on the back because the "C" fell off during the taping, making it even more interesting. And in addition to the red jerseys each worn by the other four members of the Fab Five, there is also a red Carson jersey that was almost used during the taping, also autographed by the show's stars and the participating Red Sox players.

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