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Interleague attendance up 11.5 percent
06/27/2005 4:53 PM ET
Major League Baseball averaged 32,985 fans per game during Interleague Play, marking an 11.5 percent increase over this year's intraleague average of 29,581 fans per game. A total of 8,312,211 fans attended this season's Interleague games, which covered 252 dates.

Overall, Major League Baseball has drawn 33,751,922 fans this season, a 1.9 percent increase over the same date in the record-setting 2004 season, when a total of 73,022,969 fans attended games.

Since its inception in 1997, Interleague Play has averaged 32,693 fans per game, a 13.3 percent increase over intraleague games. In intraleague contests, the average has been 28,858 fans per game.

2005 Interleague Play Attendance

Dates: 252
Total: 8,312,211
Average: 32,985
2005 Average Intraleague Attendance: 29,581
Interleague Play Average Attendance was 11.5 percent higher.

American League Clubs held a 136-116 (.540) advantage over the National League this year, highlighted by the 15-3 record of the Cleveland Indians. AL teams hit .274 with 283 home runs compared to the NL's .255 batting average and 247 home runs. AL teams also posted a 3.90 ERA compared to the NL's mark of 4.56. The NL still holds a slim 1,104-1,096 (.502) lead over the AL since the launch of Interleague Play. The Oakland Athletics have baseball's best record (95-63, .601) since the start of Interleague play, while the Florida Marlins have the top mark (87-63, .580) among National League teams. The following pages contain 2005 statistical data from Interleague Play.



Baltimore Orioles8-10.27824744.94
Boston Red Sox12-6.303261053.70
Chicago White Sox12-6.26129983.46
Cleveland Indians15-3.293241062.69
Detroit Tigers9-9.25214763.57
Kansas City Royals9-9.302111014.81
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim12-62.8115862.42
Minnesota Twins8-10.27123834.42
New York Yankees11-7.27215933.42
Oakland Athletics10-8.27716853.23
Seattle Mariners10-8.28317863.21
Tampa Bay Devil Rays3-15.25817736.35
Texas Rangers9-9.274371014.79
Toronto Blue Jays8-10.23415633.68
Arizona Diamondbacks8-10.27428914.79
Atlanta Braves7-8.26214704.81
Chicago Cubs6-9.26015575.15
Cincinnati Reds7-8.27128836.16
Colorado Rockies6-9.24711624.84
Florida Marlins10-5.2759713.76
Houston Astros7-8.23916534.81
Los Angeles Dodgers5-13.23522514.22
Milwaukee Brewers8-7.25517583.94
New York Mets5-10.23712594.55
Philadelphia Phillies7-8.25911594.50
Pittsburgh Pirates5-7.2558584.39
St. Louis Cardinals10-5.26812733.27
San Diego Padres7-11.23318634.25
San Francisco Giants6-12.26012775.74
Washington Nationals12-6.24514713.84

(Minimum 3.1 PA per team's games played)

Batting Average
M. Morse, SEA.4725325
A. Rodriguez, NYY.4297030
C. Tracy, ARI.4155322
J. Varitek, BOS.4075422
L. Castillo, FLA.4004518
B. Kielty, OAK.3935622
G. Sizemore, CLE.3927429
M. Young, TEX.3927429
B. Roberts, BAL.3876224
E. Brown, KC.3856525
T. Long, KC.3855220

A. Rodriguez, NYY30
G. Sizemore, CLE29
M. Young, TEX29
S. Stewart, MIN26
M. Alou, SF25
E. Brown, KC25
M. Morse, SEA25
J. Damon, BOS24
S. Green, ARI24
J. Lugo, TB24
B. Roberts, BAL24
Home Runs
M. Teixeira, TEX8
H. Choi, LA7
J. Dye, CWS7
S. Green, ARI7
T. Hunter, MIN7
A. Jones, ATL7
M. Ramirez, BOS7
M. Ensberg, HOU6
C. Floyd, NYM6
Five tied with5
Runs Batted In
M. Ramirez, BOS21
S. Green, ARI18
M. Teixeira, TEX17
E. Brown, KC16
T. Clark, ARI16
H. Matsui, NYY16
A. Rodriguez, NYY16
Six tied with15
M. Clement, BOS4-1
B. Donnelly, LAA4-1
G. Meche, SEA4-1
F. Garcia, CWS3-0
C. Lee, CLE3-0
M. Morris, STL3-0
C. Politte, CWS3-0
J. Blanton, OAK3-1
R. Hernandez, KC3-1
M. Mussina, NYY3-1
R. Oswalt, HOU3-1
A. Sele, SEA3-1
J. Vazquez, ARI3-1
J. Westbrook, CLE3-1
C. Young, TEX3-1
(Minimum 1.0 IP per team's games)
B. Sheets, MIL0.60
J. Washburn, LAA1.40
R. Oswalt, HOU1.41
C. Carpenter, STL1.80
M. Prior, CHI (NL)1.80
J. Johnson, DET1.82
J. Lackey, LAA1.99
K. Benson, NYM2.16
C. Lidle, PHI2.16
R. Halladay, TOR2.17
C. Cordero, WSH8
B. Wickman, CLE8
T. Jones, FLA7
J. Isringhausen, STL6
M. Rivera, NYY5
D. Turnbow, MIL5

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